Top Reasons To Invest In The Cryptocurrency Industry

Top Reasons To Invest In The Cryptocurrency Industry

It’s a decentralized form of currency. It doesn’t involve governments or institutions. It is anonymous, and it uses secure, peer-to-peer technology.
It’s the cryptocurrency industry. By now, you must be aware of these digital assets that have been transforming financial markets. It all started with the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009.
So far, the advanced technology, absence of central regulations, and lack of knowledge have kept many away from this field. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are several advantages to such investments.
Here, we’ll explain why looking at the cryptocurrency industry is a good idea for investors and the main reasons for this.

Golden Returns

Like gold, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not linked to a central governing body. The price depends on the availability and what people are willing to pay at any given time.
Unlike gold, however, Bitcoin is very volatile. This volatility is an opportunity for many investors who have an appetite for risk.
According to estimates, by the last quarter of last year, Bitcoin was doing better than gold and most other assets. It had surged by a staggering 166 percent.
The forecast for the future is that this growth will continue. Of course, as with all other investments, there will be ups and downs. With Bitcoin, the downs may be lower, but the ups are significantly higher.
The possibility of such returns is an excellent reason for any savvy, forward-thinking depositor to include cryptocurrency in his basket of investments. However, it is important to remember that as cryptocurrency gains popularity, governing bodies will want their fair share. In other words, taxes. With that being said, if you have engaged in any sort of cryptocurrency trading, you may want to seek out an expert to help you file taxes for the year.

Secure Technology

Cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology. This is digital information stored in a public database. The information relates to transaction dates, times, amounts, and purchase codes.
Many people believe that blockchain technology is going to have a significant impact on the world economy. It is incredibly secure, widely distributed, and very adaptable. It lends itself to the creation of many digital assets.
This means that when you invest in cryptocurrency, you’re investing in the future. Such technology is bound to grow. It has the potential for high long-term returns.

Appreciating Value

The rise of cryptocurrency has been meteoric. In its early years, Bitcoin created immense wealth for those who invested in it. You may be shocked to know that it appreciated to 30,000,000% of its value in less than ten years.
One reason for this is the practice of “halving.” Simply put, this means that the number of Bitcoins that are released decreases by half every four years. This adjustment is because of the difficulty in creating Bitcoin, as well as to contain the inflation rate.
In 2020, Bitcoin is again going to be halved. This means an appreciation in value, as well as managed inflation. Both of these aspects are attractive to cryptocurrency investors.

Simplicity and Liquidity

With such advanced technology, you may think that it’s very complicated to invest in cryptocurrency. Fortunately, that’s not true.
There are many sites as well as investor groups online that will give you all the information you need. There are digital wallets available to purchase different classes of cryptocurrencies so you can easily keep track of them.
Not only do these wallets make purchases easy, but you can also quickly deposit and withdraw money whenever you like. The markets are always open seven days a week.
This feature is especially helpful because of the volatile nature of cryptocurrency. You can add to your investments when the time is right, and withdraw them in case of dips in value.

Institutional Support

As mentioned earlier, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is decentralized. However, many financial institutions have realized their potential. These include names such as Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan.
Many such institutions offer digital trading services. Because of increasing interest, the New York Stock Exchange has also recently launched a separate Bitcoin Exchange.
Governments, too, are waking up to the possibilities. For example, Japan has adopted cryptocurrency as a legal mode of digital payment.
This institutional interest means that more people will start trading in cryptocurrency, and levels of security will rise. With large trades, prices, too, will increase.
For the shrewd investor, this would be the right time to look at including some form of cryptocurrency in their basket of investments


Greater Freedom

The absence of overall government involvement when it comes to cryptocurrency can be an advantage. There are undoubtedly different country laws and regulatory bodies to do with digital currencies, but there are fewer limitations.

There is greater freedom when it comes to transactions. Cryptocurrency makes worldwide digital transactions possible, offering you the ability to pay and receive from anywhere in the world seamlessly.

The acceptance of such digital payments is growing globally every day. There is privacy, and there are no third parties.

Depending on the country and the mode of acquiring cryptocurrency, they can be seen as assets or as income for taxation purposes. With powerful and efficient crypto tax software, you can compute liabilities across all significant exchanges and cryptocurrencies.

With a bitcoin tax calculator program, tracking transactions, calculating gains, and auto-filling tax forms becomes simple. Moreover, uncertainty is considerably reduced.

These and more aspects will be welcomed by any investor who values time and flexibility.

Long-term Success

As economies are becoming decentralized, virtual currencies are becoming more desirable. There are forecasts which show that in the long run, cryptocurrency will increase substantially in value.
Indeed, if you track movements every day or even every month, you may see a high degree of ups and downs. But, as every smart investor knows, the key to successful investing is to keep an eye on the long run.
Though Bitcoin remains the leading indicator, it is by no means the only one. With higher interest, institutional capital, and more integration with the real world, cryptocurrency seems all set for a very bright future.
These are a few reasons why you should take the cryptocurrency industry seriously. Not only does it have the potential to be a first-ever global currency, but the possibility of returns is also very high.
As a first step, go ahead and examine the financial stability and maturity of leading cryptocurrency developers. Check out their transparency and institutional backing. Then, you’ll be on your way to starting your lucrative crypto-fund.


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