Types Of Game Consoles And How To Keep Them Clean?

Types Of Game Consoles And How To Keep Them Clean?

Game consoles promise hours of entertainment in front of the screen. In this guide, you can find out which systems are available and which one is right for you and how to keep them clean from Bacteria, Yeast, and Mould. Online Casino Betway have analyzed the different forms of bacteria occurrence and how to clean them

Game consoles: overview

Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are still the largest manufacturers of game consoles and dominate the market with their current models, PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as Switch and Nintendo 3DS. Every console offers you certain advantages that you will not find in this form with the competition. 

Consoles from three manufacturers

There are currently game consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Nintendo sells the Switch (released in 2017) for around 310 euros and Switch Lite for just under 200 euros. This console puts more emphasis on creative game ideas and mobile use on the go and a little less on outstanding graphics. Microsoft has been offering the new generation of the Xbox game console since the beginning of November: the Series X costs 499 euros. The Xbox Series S with less storage space and without a UHD Blu-ray drive is available for 299 euros. Sony has also stepped up and has been selling the Playstation 5 since November 19 (Europe): As a purely digital model, it costs 399 euros; the model with Blu-ray drive costs 499 euros. Games with very high resolution run on both consoles, and their realism has now come close to that of movies.

Sony PlayStation

At the end of 2013, Sony launched the PlayStation 4. Today the console is available in two different versions, whereby some basic features apply to both models:

  • Integrated Blu-ray player
  • Internet / WLAN capable
  • Online multiplayer *
  • Apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify available
  • Media player for videos and music
  • Web browser
  • Remote play
  • There are also accessories that in some cases significantly expand the functionality of the device. This includes in particular the PS VR virtual reality glasses.

Microsoft Xbox One

With the Xbox One, Microsoft introduced the successor to the Xbox 360 in 2013. Similar to Sony, Microsoft has revised the hardware over time. In 2016, the original model was replaced by the smaller and expanded Xbox One S. In addition, the Xbox One X has been available since November 2017, which primarily has more powerful hardware.

Xbox One S and Xbox One X have the following features in common:

  • Internet / WLAN capable
  • Online multiplayer *
  • Integrated UHD Blu-ray player
  • Media player for video, audio, and photo
  • Apps like Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube available
  • Games in 4K resolution possible 
  • 4K video streaming
  • Backward compatible with Xbox and Xbox 360 games 
  • HDMI 2.0
  • Optical audio output

Nintendo Switch

With the Nintendo Switch, the traditional Japanese company released a mixture of stationary game console and handheld in 2017. The system has a modular structure and consists of several parts:

  • Console with built-in screen
  • Docking station for connection to TV
  • Multifunctional Joy-Con controllers

If you want to operate the switch in TV mode, place the console in the docking station and connect it to the television. You can then attach the two Joy-Con controllers to the sides of a bracket, resulting in a single controller. In table mode, use the stand on the back to place the console on a surface and hold the Joy-Cons in one hand. Here the image is displayed on the console screen. The handheld mode works in a similar way, but you plug the Joy-Cons on the left and right of the housing. Now you can carry the Switch and enjoy games on the go.

Technically, the performance of the hardware does not come close to that of PS4 and Xbox One, which is why the graphics of the games are less detailed. With the help of accessories such as the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, which is based on classic gamepads, you can customize your gaming experience. Other features of the console are:

  • Extensive multiplayer options, on a console and online *
  • Nintendo Switch apps available for iOS and Android
  • Storage expandable via SD cards
  • Online shop with selected NES games available

This is how dirty your gaming consoles really are

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Steps To Follow To Clean Your Gaming Console

You have to follow the below-mentioned steps to get your gaming console clear from bacteria

Step1: Start by unplugging your comfort to keep away from any coincidental harm. 

Step 2: At that point, utilizing a limited quantity of blanch-free, plastic-accommodating cleaning arrangement, hose material, and wipe cautiously around the regulators, or the console and mouse if utilizing a PC.

Step 3: To clean the actual comfort, just utilize a dry material, for example, a microfibre fabric to eliminate any residue or fingerprints. It’s critical to not utilize any arrangement on the real gadget, to keep any dampness from getting into the gadget and causing harm.

Step 4: Make a point to wipe the surface under your comfort too, to eliminate any residue.

Fortunately, there are many cleaning tips and deceives that you can use to ensure your gaming reassures lead a long and glad life! 

The majority of gaming consoles have three main parts: the lens, the vents, and the casing. When it comes to cleaning your console, it is important to pay special attention to all these parts and ensure they are fully clean.

Below are some of the best methods and tools for keeping your consoles spotless:


Everybody realizes how much fun game support can be – regardless of whether for yourself or for the entire family. Along these lines, in view of this, it just bodes well that you give it as much consideration and care as you would any of your other valued belongings.


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