Voice Assistants – How Are They Changing Our Day To Day

Voice Assistants – How Are They Changing Our Day To Day

Voice assistants are increasingly present in our lives and it is common to find these smart speakers in many of the tasks that we carry out in our day today. The functionalities provided by these ‘virtual assistants’ go beyond their integration into devices known to all as Siri, Google, or Alexa. It is one of the fashionable technologies, which began by sneaking into our mobile phones and is now part of many of the utensils that we often use. Forecasts indicate that, in the not too distant future, voice assistants will accompany us in many aspects of our daily tasks, such as in cars, work, home, or in our online purchases.

What Is A Voice Assistant?

But what do we mean when we talk about voice assistants? These are software programs based on artificial intelligence, which are capable of recognizing language, thanks to machine learning, and responding to voice commands to carry out certain tasks.

When we talk about voice assistants, we must differ according to the type of device in which it is housed to understand their potential use. This allows users to verbally interact with different platforms and devices where these virtual helpers are integrated, such as home appliances, operating systems, smart speakers, TVs, watches, or headphones. Voice software is the result of the innovative desire of technology companies, which have managed to develop this solution that is capable of interacting with us and streamlining many processes.

The goal is clear: help us and make our lives easier! Thanks to this technology we can interact with our smartphone, verbally formulate a query on the Internet and receive the answer from the search engine or a digital assistant. Not surprisingly, the number of voice queries we make on the Internet continues to grow. In addition to these basic tasks, there are already solutions capable of carrying out other types of activities such as shopping, email management, making calls, opening applications, turning on the heating, dictating an email, or managing calendars.

The challenge now is to develop voice user interfaces with more advanced skills, that is, these assistants are capable of identifying emotions so that the response is more empathetic and, therefore, the ‘help’ is more effective. From this, the functionalities that voice searches can offer continue to increase, since as the technology collects information from the user, it will be able to make tailored recommendations. As we can see, technology is ‘humanized’ and our interaction with it acquires a more friendly perspective.

Voice Assistants And A Horizon Full Of New Possibilities

The technological revolution that we are experiencing is a constant challenge for companies, but it also allows new possibilities in which technology ceases to be a tool to become an ally. Voice assistants are a good example. Thanks to the advancement of artificial intelligence and its complicity with process automation, we have software capable of being attentive to our needs through voice, not only in our devices or appliances but also at work.

If voice becomes the new method of interaction with computers and technology, with these assistants instead of spending hours analyzing an Excel sheet, we will be able to request a summary of the most significant figures. The combination of tactile or graphical interfaces with expert systems capable of understanding natural language will simplify many of the tasks that we spend a lot of time doing today. As we can see, the potential of voice assistants is evident. It allows communication to be fast and direct, something that fits perfectly with the needs of today’s society, where citizens seek immediacy and comfort.

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