VoIP – How & Why To Install This Technology In A Company

VoIP – How & Why To Install This Technology In A Company

The advancement of telephony in recent decades has not been excessively frantic, compared to other technologies. However, since the appearance of VoIP, and its remarkable development during the last ten years, this sector has advanced towards new systems that are more efficient and less expensive.

These changes have superseded the old telephony in favor of a completely new concept in terms of communications.

Advantages Of VoIP Telephony

The reason why most companies, regardless of their size, location, business model, or type of product/service they offer, are currently switching to IP telephony.

The benefits it offers for business communications are such that more and more organizations are betting on IP technology. Besides, it presents a series of services and advantages that traditional telephony would be impossible.

These Are The Most Notable:

It Does Not Require Installation: It is one of the main reasons why this migration is destroying the obsolete systems of traditional telephony, giving way to the new generation of communications. Its installation is extremely fast and simple.

To start using VoIP, the company will only need its computer system and mobile lines, without any added infrastructure.

The Savings In The Telephone Bill Is Considerable: IP telephony offers a large number of services at a much more affordable price than the charge. Thus, for example, calls between company phones, whether fixed or mobile, will be free.

Likewise, international calls do not suppose an additional expense, and the price of their services include another series of very effective benefits for the company, such as the voicemail, call waiting or caller identification. Previously, all these benefits were charged as services added with traditional technology.

These benefits, together with the free cost of most calls, represent a significant saving on bills.

Mobility And Flexibility: thanks to the very nature of VoIP and its characteristics, we can use the company’s systems from any device that is connected to the Internet, regardless of where in the world we are located. This makes business mobility as easy as possible, fundamental in three key situations for business productivity. First, to promote teleworking and optimize employee mobility without increasing costs.

But also, mobility is a more than essential aspect in companies that have clients in various parts of the world, and, lastly, it is essential for organizations that have multiple locations.  

Integration: it is one of the greatest advantages of this technology. Its customization capacity allows integration not only with various management systems but also with other communication channels such as mobile lines. It is even possible to integrate VoIP systems with various devices, such as video door entry systems, for example. Thanks to the possibilities it offers, it is possible to use functions that were not feasible with the old technological platforms or that were out of reach for most companies (economically speaking).

The result of all these integrations is that organizations achieve an advanced unified communications infrastructure without excessive investment, as previously occurred.

Easy Configuration: the configuration of a VoIP system for the company is not complicated. Also, one of its main characteristics is scalability, so we can add or delete services, easily and quickly, as the needs of the company vary. This task does not entail high costs and is the best way to use only what our business needs, depending on the moment and your specific demands. In this way, we will not be overpaying for services that we do not use and we will not be falling short, without taking advantage of their true potential.

Advanced Services: on the other hand, as we have already mentioned, IP technology offers endless possibilities and practical applications in the business field that with traditional telephony, in many cases, would be technically impossible and difficult to assume economically in many others.

VoIP Applications For Business

The practical applications of IP telephony in the business world are innumerable. The flexibility of this technology allows us to offer a wide range of services in the communications sector that will provide the necessary tools to achieve a competitive and quality Customer Service department.

Thus, from the moment a company begins to use a combination of virtual IP + switchboard technology, it will have access to numerous tools. These are some of them:

  • Payments Over The Phone Line
  • Automatic Dialing
  • Telephone Conferences, Three-way Calls, And Closed User Groups
  • Virtual Fax
  • Click To Call
  • IVR or Interactive Voice Response
  • Special Rate Telephones
  • Call Recording

VoIP Provider Services

A good VoIP Telephony provider should offer the company comprehensive advice regarding communications. It is a key figure to take advantage of the full potential of this technology in a profitable way.

Thus, the work of these professionals begins when the company decides to change from traditional telephony to IP and continues until after this transition. During all phases, they will offer a Customer Service and a Technical service that will allow preventive maintenance. Also, of course, to take care of the configuration and customization of the systems, according to the needs of each organization.


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