What Is Storytelling And How To Use It In Your Business

What Is Storytelling And How To Use It In Your Business

Through storytelling techniques, a brand can differentiate itself from the rest and, in addition, achieve customer loyalty. Therefore, we share some tips to use storytelling in the marketing strategy of a business.

What Is Storytelling

Storytelling is a process in which, using fictional or real narratives, an issuer manages to communicate a message to an audience. In the case of storytelling applied to marketing, this sender is the company, and the receivers are its potential customers.

The storytelling can be applied to different formats: from a story written on a blog or a newsletter, even videos or photos. On the audiovisual level, one of the most recognized storytelling is the announcement of the Christmas lottery of the year 2014-15. The owner of a bar saves the tenth prize for a loyal customer who had not been able to buy it that year. With this little story, the campaign’s slogan was clearly and emotionally expressed: “the greatest prize is sharing.”

Another example of storytelling is the ad for the IPhone 12, in which an amateur cook gets excited about cooking while following the recipe on his phone, which falls over, gets wet with milk, and is stained with flour. This story is intended to show the resistance of the telephone.

Apple is precisely one of the brands that work the most on storytelling in all channels. There are more ways to tell a story without the need to capture it directly on the video. For example, when the brand shows photos (on marquees, social networks.) taken by its customers with their mobile, in addition to telling an individual story, each ad implicitly conveys the message that anyone can take a photo or video like the one shown, thanks to the power of the smartphone.

How To Use Storytelling In Your Business

Know your audience: Study what type of person is potentially interested in your products and services. In this way, you can create a story that can answer your needs and questions.

Define your message and objective: Make sure your story has a clear message, a simple moral. For example, establish if the goal of your storytelling content is to sell a product, then try to summarize how your story manages to sell it in less than 10 words.

Establish the type of story you will tell: It can be educational content that informs about company values and tries to generate a community.

Choose how to tell the story: Storytelling can take different forms, from a corporate video to a blog post. Make sure you reach the right audience through appropriate channels (social media, online advertising.).

Advantages Of Using Storytelling In Your Business

Boost branding and make your brand more memorable: Storytelling works because storytelling works on a neural level. The human brain is prepared to connect with stories through neural associations and create links with the story and with whoever tells it. Therefore, storytelling in marketing campaigns ensures that your brand stands out from the rest and creates a bond with the people the story reaches.

Get more attention for your content: In a context of over-information and constant content consumption, the competition for users’ attention is fierce. However, through storytelling, you can achieve greater attention. A good story related to your brand makes you generate links and value for your potential customers, who will begin to pay more attention to you.

Get a true differentiation: Communicating your messages differently makes users perceive your product or service as different from the other offers on the market. Although the final message you want to communicate may be similar to that of other companies, the way you tell it is what makes the difference. To do this, make use of storytelling, finding a story that inspires your potential clients and encourages them to know more about your company.

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