Which Social Network Generates a Greater Advertising Memory?

Which Social Network Generates a Greater Advertising Memory?
  • When choosing a channel for an advertising campaign, there are many factors to consider, from the target to the objectives or the brand itself. Undoubtedly, social networks are increasingly gaining more weight in advertising strategies, but not all are equal to each other, nor do they obtain the same results, nor do they achieve the same advertising memory.
  • That is precisely what we have asked in our  Survey of the Week: on which social network do you usually remember the most about advertising campaigns? Do you always remember the brands you see in Instagram stories or do you remember sponsored tweets better?
  • The result is clear: almost half of the audience, 44%, affirms that Instagram is the most effective social network when it comes to creating advertising memories.
  • Second, LinkedIn is the most effective social network according to 22% of respondents. One of the causes could be the high level of personalization of some of the campaigns on the professional platform, such as InMail messages.
  • On the other hand, 17% maintain that Facebook is the social network where advertising is most remembered, while 11% lean towards Twitter.
  • Finally, 6% opt for other social networks, which can range from Pinterest to TikTok. Even, there are those who consider YouTube as a social network instead of as an audiovisual content platform, so the debate is open.


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