Why Fashion Houses Get Into Video Games

Why Fashion Houses Get Into Video Games

Video Games are changing every industry, and everyone is showing interest in video games to promote their product or service. Especially the fashion houses that use the video game industry and profit from it. Usually, when we hear about fashion and video games, we think both concepts are different and not interconnected to each other. But both industries are connected with creativity; it is common in both fields.

Generation Z players not only treat the games as entertainment, but they also follow the gaming characters in real life. So this is making the video game creators design and create the characters more creatively. In this article, we discuss Why fashion houses get into video games. What are the advantages they would get from it?

Fashion Houses In Video Games

Fashion & Gaming. Video game characters appear on T-shirts, such as Mickey Mouse and band logos, currently at Uniqlo with the video games League of Legends and soon also with Animal Crossing. But fashion brands also appear within video games, and they’re no longer just marketing. Because the virtual outfits, called “skins,” can often be bought for real money. Is the fashion industry currently finding a new distribution channel that is the most sustainable?
We may buy more virtual clothes than real ones in the future. That may sound absurd, but not for the attractive target group of teens and twenties. And if you consider that such an avatar, the gamer’s representative in the virtual world, is seen a thousand times more than the gamer himself. Then it’s worth buying an Off-White hoodie made of pixels rather than cotton. You can see more information on how fashion houses get into video games in CyberGhost’s post.

For all fashion houses, video games will not be suitable for promoting their fashion product. But there are games where it works with authentic brands. With ‘Pokemon Go,’ the real world is integrated into the game, so a branded backpack can appear there. With Nintendo’s new edition ‘Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons,’ it’s okay if fashion brands get involved. Because their fashion enthusiasts can meet on their islands, they create historical costumes and (designer) clothing and share them on social networks using QR codes.

How Fashion Brands Are Turning Into Gaming To Attract Buyers

The video gaming industry is a popular industry making billions of money in the present market, so all the fashion houses are turning to the gaming market to design their products with popular characters and promote them. According to a survey, women are about 45% of gamers, so choosing video games to boost your fashion will increase the exposure of the products and brand, impacting people.

Advantages Of Fashion Houses

With this collaboration, both industries will benefit. Video gamers will get paid by the fashion houses, and the fashion houses will market their product. Below are some of the advantages of the fashion industry.

  • Getting to a broad exposure.
  • Many people will get to know about their products and fashion designs.
  • Mainly, women’s clothing brands will benefit.
  • Youth will be attracted to the brands with video games.


Nowadays, fashion brands are engaging with social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. They collaborate with influencers and promote their products and services with their help. But now, the trend is also getting into the video gaming industry. With the help of the famous characters in the games, which gained more popularity, the fashion houses promoted their clothing and products. Gaming characters have some hard-care fan bases and tend to follow them in real life. So, the brands are cashing on this opportunity and expanding their business.


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