Why It Is Important To Get More Reach On Instagram

Why It Is Important To Get More Reach On Instagram

This platform is considered one of the most relevant in the digital environment. Therefore, increasing the visibility of your account is a great digital marketing strategy to increase your brand’s visibility. Getting good engagement and increasing your reach on Instagram will help you make an effort to make your Instagram account more worthwhile. In this way, more people will be able to see your publications than those who are your followers, but it will also help you to be discovered by other people who do not know your brand.

Get Users To Interact With Content

There are different interactions that users can carry out, and they are the following: likes, comments, save publication, and share, although lately, this platform gives more importance to these last two. In the case of the save post interaction, it is important to make it happen by creating valuable content. Instagram will see that this post wants to be remembered at some other time and, therefore, is beneficial. On the other hand, getting the user to share the publication both in stories and directly to other users will generate an effect similar to the previous one. It will let Instagram know that this publication has something unique and that, therefore, it should be seen by more people.

Set The Correct Frequency

Several studies say that if you have little reach on this platform, it is important that you make a daily publication if you have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers. From 5000 followers, it is recommended that you upload 2 to 3 daily publications, among which you can include the stories. On the other hand, you must frequently review the analytics to know at what time of day your followers are most active, and for this, you must configure your Instagram account to “Company account.”

Manage Your Hashtags Correctly

To correctly manage the hashtags that you are going to add to your publications, you should look for trending tags related to your content and your audience so as not to lose brand identity. Another way to know which hashtags to use is by analyzing your most relevant competition.

It would help if you didn’t overdo it when using hashtags, as we recommend that you use approximately 10 in each post and add them below the full description. Finally, you must know that you can add hashtags to your stories, with which you will be able to gain visibility if you use them correctly because the reports will be added to the hashtag collection for 24 hours.

Include Geotags In Your Posts

Another technique to improve the reach on Instagram is to add geotags. When you put one on your posts or stories, they will appear in the collection automatically created with the posts that users have tagged with that exact location. Thanks to this, your content will be able to reach all the people who enter the geotag and look at the publications there are.

Combine The Different Formats

Instagram Stories

According to statistics, 70% of users check the stories when entering the application, and therefore, it is a fast, interactive, and different way of contacting users. This format can help gain reach, although you must bear in mind that in addition to uploading valuable content, you must increase the flow of stories to position yourself in front of your audience at different times of the day.  

To get even more out of it, you can add stickers such as links, question boxes, or surveys to get more interaction with them and thus increase the reach. Finally, to achieve greater visibility in your publications, we recommend that you share it in the stories once you upload a magazine to redirect users to the original and thus achieve greater reach.  


This format generates more reach than static photos because the action of swiping to see the entire content has given greater participation to the user. The carousel allows you to add more quality content since it is not as limited as static posts, and thus, users will interact more with your content, either saving it or sharing it.  


It is the most recent format. In addition to being widely consumed by the audience thanks to its versatility and, due to this, Instagram has given it greater relevance in terms of organic reach. 

Instagram live

With this format, you will be able to get closer to your audience since you will interact directly with it, but you must take into account some aspects, such as: 

  • Plan well what you will say so as not to have breaks or interruptions. 
  • Create a calendar of live publications to be clear about the days on which they will be made and thus be able to communicate it to the audience in advance. 
  • If you do a shared life, make sure the person you’re doing it with is of interest to your audience or has something to do with your account. 


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