Will Corona Virus Lead to More Cyber Attacks?

Will Corona Virus Lead to More Cyber Attacks?

Cyber-attacks all over the world are increasing day by day. It is crucial for all the e-commerce website owners to protect the website from all kinds of cyber threats. A multi-domain wildcard SSL certificate plays a vital role in securing your online shopping website portal.

Moreover, a multi-domain wildcard SSL certificates are very popular within every kind of customer as these have a reputation of cost-savers and cost-effective products that secures unlimited domains. There is no need to buy and manage other single SSL certificates.

Most multi-domain wildcard SSL certificates provide licenses to unlimited servers and also all top certificate providers will give you unlimited reissues and also a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are some amazing benefits for a multi-domain wildcard SSL certificates.

There are many benefits to a Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate, as it is one of the most reliable certificates available in the market.

  • To secure unlimited sub-domains under one certificate
  • Easily to manage and protect all domains with one Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate 
  • It provides with HTTPS address bar and Security Padlock which is safe for browsing.
  • Available for DV (Domain Validated) andOV (Organization Validated) organizations.
  • Comes with a site seal


Moreover, the generation process for a Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificate is easy. Each Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate can secure from 100 to 250 domains, depending on the vendor you have purchased from.

However, apart from the vendor, there is a process that should be followed to generate the certificate.

The CSR for a Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate must have a non-wildcard domain to feed as the Common Name.

So, once the CSR is generated for this, you can include the additional domains and sub-domains. Now you have to the wildcard domains here.

Now coming to our topic, as we all know that the outbreak of the corona is bringing the world on knees. The world has come to rest because of this corona effect. The governments and the people of everywhere are confined to their homes. Almost all companies across the world have given work from home permissions so that they stay safe indoors.

The whole world right now is concerned only about the precautions that the threat created by the COVID 19, no doubt that even the cybercriminals take the
Chance to more and more employees are working remotely and the companies are facing issues with little staff and to no staff at all in few companies.

As the number of coronavirus victims is increasing the companies are taking more measures not to spread the viral symptoms to other people. At this time of hazard, the companies must request their employees to work from their homes which safe for everyone.

However, the organizations depending on the size make use of proven technologies like VPN or RDP for providing secured remote access to sensitive data and applications.

Also, both the employees and employers must take care of themselves and also the surrounding and most importantly the confidential company information.

In this article, we will discuss the steps to minimize the COVID 19 risks:

Be Extra Cautious About Phishing Emails:

It is a fact that cybercriminals love to take advantage of any crisis. Do not relax at this point of time as the attackers will be more active and try to intrude your systems They always look for the opportunities to send phishing emails designed in such a way that you cannot differentiate what is a phishing email and the original email.

They might send the links or spam content related to corona protection as this is the latest trending topic for the whole world. Once you click the link or download the pdfs the malware harm your website and also your organization.

Also, email interruption scams have brought a huge loss for many companies that the hackers send the fraud invoices faking them to be legitimate and with the change in the instructions, the amount goes into the hackers’ account.

To avoid this mishap, enable multi-factor authentication where you can control all of your accounts. If you have any doubts regarding the emails you can always contact the sender for more details to avoid any losses.

Practice Good Cyber Hygiene:

We are all practicing good hygiene habits after this corona hits us with its ferocious paws. It is equally important to make sure of maintaining hygiene for all the devices as well. These will include the internet router, malware protection, anti-virus protection, avoid passwords from the public places. Follow the company guidelines to avoid any sort of cyber-attacks on your device.

Only Use Secure Wi-Fi:

Note that your systems are prone to more hackings than ever at the current situation. Make sure you work on only secured Wi-Fi and make sure you are under an authentic network and a unique password.

This way you can protect the computer, company data and your website from the hackers and have full control and access upon any changes made.

According to reports, COVID 19 is not only used to gain monetary access by cybercriminals. This is also being used for more than this. It is used for gaining control over the company and the website. There is actually spyware attached to all the emails that are used against the company.

There are many messages flooding into the message boxes. One says it is from the World Health Organization, the other one claims from the UN and many more. Be careful while opening the emails as these are attached to spams.

After clicking the emails, the landing pages will lead to more serious issues but your security team should monitor your website and get rid of any spams, phishing emails, fake news links, and coronavirus links as they steal the login credentials and can easily hack the sensitive information.

Moreover, the cybercriminals have improved their tactics, now even the harmful links are very attractive with graphical information, information related to WHO and UN, etc.
We all are worried and also saddened at the outbreak of the Corona, let us keep our selves safe and also applaud all the health care professionals all over the world and wishing all the infected people a speedy recovery.

At the same time, let us follow all the hygiene habits and let us pledge to stop the spread of this deadly virus.

Final Thoughts:
By maintaining the above cyber hygiene conditions, you can safely create an environment for work from home and also protecting the company’s sensitive data and also user’s data.
It is our social responsibility and accountability to stay safe and also keep the surrounding clean and stop the spreading of the virus further. Stay responsible and stay safe !!


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