10 Amazing Wedding Gifts to Give the Couple When You Can’t Attend the Ceremony

10 Amazing Wedding Gifts to Give the Couple When You Can’t Attend the Ceremony

A wedding is one of the most memorable and memorable events in a person’s life. But sometimes, the guests do not have the opportunity to be present at the ceremony. If you could not get to this bright and touching event, do not be discouraged. Just let the couple know in advance and have a gift prepared to give it as soon as possible.

We advise you to give something functional, original, and at the same time appropriate for the celebration is not as difficult as it seems. So just look at our selection and choose the option you like.

Twin Bathrobes

They are warm, cozy, and so home-like … And it is also so lovely to lie, embrace, and watch a video from the wedding or a movie favorite by the newlyweds.

In addition, each robe is marked with the initials and date of the family celebration so that the memories of this day are warmed.

Caricature Doll From a Photo

What distinguishes these particular people who decided to start a family? Common interests, goals, work, even jokes? All this can be expressed in a paired portrait figurine and presented as a wedding gift.

A customer-oriented approach, taking into account the customer’s wishes, makes such a present genuinely unforgettable!

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Painting From the Designer to Order From the Photo

Sometimes an original gift for newlyweds can be remembered more than banal bills. If you present them with a vast mosaic made from their romantic photograph, then you will surprise both newly minted spouses and guests. And after assembly, the mosaic can decorate the wall of the family nest!

A Star Map


The newlyweds want to capture the most important day in their life together as much as possible. They will, of course, have photos and videos, but is anyone looking at the stars?

Present the newlyweds with a star card, and they will find out what was or will be the arrangement of the stars in the sky on the day of their acquaintance or the wedding itself.

Leather Paired Bracelets

Pair of leather bracelets are an excellent gift that will always remind newlyweds of each other. In addition, any engraving (wedding date, name, wish) can be applied to the steel insert, turning the accessory into a real exclusive.

A Set Of Card Holders With Initials


Do you want to surprise a couple with an original gift? Present them accessories made of vintage leather.

Such a gift is full of advantages: products are eco-friendly, over time, the leather will acquire its character, covered with a noble patina, and the color range will delight even the most demanding.

A Sommelier Gift Set

An original gift will delight the newlyweds with its sophistication. Such sets are created in the best traditions of Italian winemaking. The location is equipped with an electric screw, a cutter that will remove the foil from the bottle, an aerator, and a vacuum stopper. As a result, evenings with good wine will be much more enjoyable.

A Cork Piggy Bank

A piggy bank for traffic jams will allow newlyweds to preserve material signs of intangible relationships after a wedding celebration, romantic dinners, joint anniversaries, and other equally beautiful occasions. An original piece of furniture that the newlyweds will definitely like.

A Voice Pattern

A wedding is an important, solemn, and memorable holiday for a lifetime. Unfortunately, many don’t overthink a gift but simply give money, but there is a more original solution — a voice picture.

A Bonus Idea: 3D Photo Crystal

A unique, stylish, and durable decor that will always remind the couple about you: the ArtPix store can help you with such a present: the site offers dozens of various crystal types with which you can make an original 3D photo.

A Video Postcard With Wishes Of Happiness And Love

Do you want to congratulate the young at the wedding effectively? A video postcard with your video greeting inside is the most memorable gift you can think of. The video will automatically start playing when opened.

We hope our article helped you find out what to give your wedding day to family, friends, or just acquaintances. We are sure that by adhering to our recommendations, you will choose and present a worthy and memorable gift.

Tips To Help You Choose a Gift

Think about what brings the newlyweds together. What are their common hobbies, interests, hobbies?

If you don’t know what to give for a wedding, you can always donate money. But if you need an idea for an original gift, then think about it, maybe it is worth presenting a certificate. It could be a travel agency flyer for a trip, two annual passes to a fantastic sports club, or even a certificate for a hot air balloon ride.

A gift for a wedding can be a payment or order of some service on the day of the celebration. For example, a cameraman or a photographer. This way, you can contribute to the ceremony even if you could not be there in person.


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