Importance of Investing In Cybersecurity For A Protected Business

Importance of Investing In Cybersecurity For A Protected Business

Computer security is a pending task for many companies. The digital transformation and the technological acceleration of recent years, which offers us so many advantages, has also revealed some shortcomings in terms of security, something that cybercriminals are taking advantage of only in 2020, the National Security Institute managed more than 133,000 incidents in this regard, 24% more than the previous year, and everything indicates that this percentage may rise. These figures alert us to something that many of us have been denouncing for some time: at a time when digitization and business success go hand in hand, cybersecurity is essential to ensure business continuity, and it is something we must not skimp on. resources.

Investing In Cybersecurity, A Priority For SMEs And Small Businesses

So far, it seems that those most affected by network security problems are SMEs and the self-employed, and 75% of cyberattacks are directed at them. The reason is that a priori, their systems have less protection, being more vulnerable.

Sensitization and awareness are essential to implement this type of technological solution efficiently. In addition, the democratization of the Internet of Things (IoT) or the emergence of the cloud, which improves storage processes, have made the prices of security solutions accessible to all audiences.

Some of the advantages of improving cybersecurity in your company are:

  • You will prevent your information from being filtered and used by someone against you.
  • You will increase the security of your customers and suppliers since their personal and banking data will be protected from possible hacks.
  • You can anticipate cyber-attacks. When we talk about security, we are not referring only to solving current problems, but to the possibility of anticipating those that may come in the future: technology advances very fast and we must be aware of cybercriminals.
  • You will be able to evaluate the level of cybersecurity of your company since this type of system allows you to carry out periodic audits and improve the cybersecurity of the company continuously. 

The question is: how should I digitally shield a company? What kind of systems do you need to implement?

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Basic Cybersecurity Solutions

The name cybersecurity or virtual security encompasses all those mechanisms that make it possible to protect the information stored and processed by interconnected information systems from possible external threats. Digitally shielding a company depends on many factors, since each one will need a type of solution.

In addition, most cybersecurity systems are scalable and can be improved and expanded as our needs advance. Even so, some tools, such as antivirus or managed security solutions, are essential. Another common cybersecurity measure in companies is backup, that is, making backup copies and storing them in secure environments (physical or digital media). Both are affordable and are the first step in preventing cyberattacks.


Firewalls are solutions designed to protect computer equipment and that can be complemented or integrated into an antivirus. What they do is block unauthorized access. Firewalls or firewalls can be software, hardware, or a combination of both. This means that they can be applications that are installed on computers or devices that connect to them to control traffic and block intrusions.

Proxy Server

Proxy servers are hardware components that serve to filter the information exchanged by two connected computers, serving as an intermediary between them. Its main function is to act as a content filter and block unwanted outgoing traffic.

Proxy servers are also considered important cybersecurity tools for businesses because they act as the unique “public face” of your network. This means that, from the outside, all users of the company network are anonymous, and are hidden behind the IP address of the proxy. In this way, if a hacker wants to access a specific device, it will cost him work and it will be easier to detect it.

Other Measures To Take Into Account

Employees are the company security and must be aware of the need to use any protection system. Seemingly simple gestures like plugging in a USB or downloading a dangerous file can put the security of your entire organization at risk.

Finally, the systems, servers, and programs of the companies must be updated periodically to avoid obsolete versions and those that may have security “cracks”. Whenever possible, the advice is to contact an expert cybersecurity company that can offer you comprehensive solutions for your business.


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