3 Unique Benefits of Using Fiber Optic Cables for Your Internet Connection!

3 Unique Benefits of Using Fiber Optic Cables for Your Internet Connection!

Fiber optic cables have become the gold standard when it comes to quality, high data connectivity. Rather than use electricity, as is the case with copper wire connections, fiber optic technology uses light beams to transmit data, making for faster internet speeds at a greater bandwidth.

However, they are a very recent technology, and as such, a lot of people have hesitated to adopt this new technology. This could be in part due to limited knowledge of how fiber optic technology works and its promising potential.

To help you better understand infinity cable products, here’s a breakdown of 3 key benefits you can expect from this innovative technology.

1. Enjoy Faster Internet Speeds

Fiber-optic connections can transmit data at 1 gigabit per second. This makes this technology about 20 times faster than the highest-speed copper internet connection, even during peak usage.

If you switched to fiber optic, the concept of buffering and waiting for a page to load would be a thing of the past. A download that would take about 20 minutes on high-speed copper wire connections can take as little as 10 seconds over fiber optic.

It gets even better when you consider that fiber internet provides symmetric speeds. This means the upload and download speeds are the same.

The technology can be incredibly convenient for businesses that exchange large volumes of data, making business operations a lot smoother, quicker, and efficient. 

2. Fiber Optic Connections Are More Reliable

We’ve all been in a situation where you’re watching a movie, and it’s just getting to the best part, but your internet connection starts to act up. The movie starts to lag, characters become blurry, and the picture becomes pixelated (blocky), ruining the experience altogether.

The truth is a copper wire connection should be good enough for you to stream movies without buffering. However, the wires often become overloaded, especially during peak traffic.

Fiber optic, however, handles more users and data at faster speeds. Additionally, since it’s not powered by electricity, it’s not susceptible to downtime as a result of power outages, unlike copper wire connections.

3. Not Affected by Distance

One problem with copper wire connections is that they get worse the longer the wires get. So, the farther away from the ISP node you’re connected to, the worse your internet connection.

But with fiber optic technology, your connection will not be affected. Fiber connections can be transmitted at the same speed for nearly 30 miles. That means faster loading speeds, high-quality video streaming, and no more smashing of the refresh button because a webpage is not loading fast enough.

Consider Infinity Cable Products for the Best Experience

Fiber optic cables are the future of broadband. The issues of distortion and attenuation of copper wires are problems of the past. As you shift to fiber optic, make sure you buy from a reliable and quality network cable solutions provider like Infinity Cable Products. 

Infinity Cable Products is committed to producing great wires and cables at an affordable price.

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