Voice Biometrics Everything You Need To Know About This Technology

Voice Biometrics Everything You Need To Know About This Technology

Does voice biometrics sound familiar to you? It is one of the most cutting-edge technologies, with the greatest potential in recent times, as it is working and is quite useful for many areas of everyday life and the business world.

Vocal Biometry What Does It Consist Of

Voice biometrics is a technology that works as a consumer authentication system. The use of voice is essential today. The main drivers of this type of technology are smartphones and mobiles, which allow you to carry out many daily tasks, such as unlocking devices, transfers and payments, etc.

Voice biometrics captures each user’s unique features, their speech apparatus, to identify them with certainty. This technology analyzes more than 100 physical parameters of the voice, the vocal frequency, and the oral-nasal cavity in such a way that the index of certainty is absolute. Practically similar to a fingerprint but through voice.

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Advantages Of Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics has multiple advantages, among others that:

  • The voice is unique to each human being. This technology detects and evaluates the voice taking into account the physical characteristics and speech behavior.
  • It is a type of technology outside the security threats presented by the pins and number combinations. Faced with aphonia or lack of voice, he presents other compatible alternatives such as certain questions for access to certain information.
  • What can we do with voice biometrics?

Voice biometrics is becoming so important that more and more companies carry out biometric projects of this type.

1. Device Unlock

Although fingerprint or facial recognition are authentication technologies working in the market, they need more sophisticated cameras and sensors, unlike voice biometrics, which requires only a micro to unlock a mobile. 

2. Transactions And Payments

Second, voice biometrics is quite secure to allow online transactions and payments, saving you from remembering passwords to make purchases, for example.

3. Open And Start A Vehicle

Although it is not yet underway, it is expected that cars can be opened and started through voice biometry in the short term. A voice recognition system that allows identifying the driver for certain car settings.

4. Voice Biometrics, A Real Discovery For The Tourism Sector

The tourism sector is one area in which voice biometrics can have the most impact and benefits. From hiring a trip with voice assistants (booking a flight) to customer identification tools in hotels (for example, checking-in to opening hotel room doors).

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