Tips For How To Successfully Design Your AI Projects

Tips For How To Successfully Design Your AI Projects

Simply implementing AI-based software is not enough to sustainably optimize a company’s internal processes. A lot of preliminary considerations are necessary to successfully start an AI project.

To successfully implement Artificial Intelligence in production processes, companies have to clear some stumbling blocks.

Especially when planning, you should follow a guide with your company. If you have recognized the upcoming challenges in a good time, you will create good conditions for a successful AI project.

6 tips that you should definitely consider when planning

  1. Start small

Even if you should start directly with your final AI project: First, gain experience in smaller projects. This will help you to understand upcoming more complex projects than many small individual projects.

Because in order not to lose yourself in the complexity, you collect important data in smaller processes that you can then automate.

  1. Collect data

The collection of data is linked to the first step. Because before you start, you should have enough data of sufficient quality on hand.

This is the only way to achieve valuable results and insights with clear and complex projects.

  1. Set a goal

Conflicts of goals often arise when different departments and people with different professional backgrounds work together to plan an AI project.

Therefore, create a common basis for all involved by communicating and setting clear goals. Make sure that the dialogue is maintained throughout the project. This way, all project leaders do not lose sight of the goal.

  1. Invest in or outsource your resources

Not every company can set up an AI project with its own resources. It is therefore highly recommended to hire external partners who can provide valuable help with the implementation.

Often, these external experts also bring with them a wealth of experience from which everyone involved can benefit.

  1. Involve the actual user

The success of an AI project will only arise if, in the end, the artificial intelligence can also be used efficiently by the executing employee. It is therefore imperative to place value on a user-friendly user interface and user feedback.

This is the only way to achieve the advantages of the project and users can exploit their full potential.

  1. Exercise patience

It takes time to set up an AI project with all possible models and algorithms. You should, therefore, allow enough time for development and tests.

External consultants will help you set up a realistic schedule. You can then calculate realistically and use your resources efficiently.

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You should ask yourself these questions while planning an AI project

Before you and your team start an AI project, you should answer the following questions:

  • Who benefits from my AI project?
  • How will the experience gained and the results achieved be improved?
  • Why is it better to use artificial intelligence for the project goal than existing processes and mechanisms?
  • What are the exact benefits? What are the consequences if the project fails?
  • Can data be collected or does it already exist?
  • When can a first working prototype be made?
  • And when can the final solution be used in production?


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