Artificial Intelligence Is Imposed In Business Training Programs

Artificial Intelligence Is Imposed In Business Training Programs

The development and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have redefined the strategy of companies in all sectors. Currently, there are few companies that, in one way or another, no longer apply this technology in their working methods or in their different departments. In this way, each day they begin to value their advantages more when it comes to boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes carried out by their professionals since Artificial Intelligence allows them to recognize models and process data in a significantly shorter time.

The report ‘Trends in the work environment 2020: the skills of the future’, prepared by Udemy for Business, the product of Udemy to learn for work environments, highlights that AI will become one of the tools that will be developed and will help to professionals in 2020. Its application has already reached sectors such as marketing, allowing to analyze the behavior of consumers to adapt their campaigns to their preferences, or to financial teams, which for example can already reduce transport costs Thanks to your application. In any case, we can consider the methods of application of AI in companies infinite.

Every day, the advantages of Artificial Intelligence begin to be valued more when it comes to boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes carried out by business professionals.

Although this technology may be novel, its arrival and evolution have not occurred overnight. Among the 10 most learned skills in Udemy during the last triennium (2016-2019) are OpenCV, the free artificial vision library originally developed by Intel, and artificial neural networks, which mimic the human neuronal process; both with a great impact on the development and evolution of AI techniques.

What Do AI Professionals Think?

The development and leadership teams of the companies have decided to bet on AI and the research promoted by Udemy for Business indicates that 35% of those responsible for these teams include it among the 10 technological skills on which their professionals should be trained in 2020. When questioned about how employees view automation and disruptive technologies, such as AI, a more positive view of its application in jobs is evident and only 12% believe that it could lead to the loss of their jobs. On the other side of the balance, 29% acknowledge being excited to learn skills of this type that allow them to play new roles in their sector.

One of the firms that have opted for AI is Publicis Sapient. The company dedicated to the transformation of digital businesses already has an AI academy for all its professionals, who will see their knowledge updated in a subject that can be used and developed in various business lines.

Companies Become Data Collectors

AI cannot work without data on which to perform calculations and, therefore, companies are focusing their efforts on collecting them. To obtain all this information, companies have begun to boost the technical skills of their employees by training them in algorithms, Deep Learning or automation. The application of these capabilities subsequently allows the development of AI processes.

One of the sectors that will bet on AI in 2020 will be that of consumer goods. According to the same report, among the 10 technological skills that will be developed the fastest in 2020 are learning algorithms for application in AI and natural language processing; which are in first and eighth place, respectively.


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