Things To Consider When Making An Android App Connected With An ERP

Things To Consider When Making An Android App Connected With An ERP

The world is moving quicker than we’d all like, and also the world of technology isn’t insulating material behind, it’s doing therefore even quicker. Devices and technologies that till a handful of years past were a part of our daily add the geographical point, are getting obsolete as new, additional economical, safer, additional fashionable ones emerge.

The irruption of automation isn’t new, and in fact, it’s been with the US for eleven years. However, these days it’s the dominator among the operational Systems of our phones and shortly (if it’s not already) of the devices within the geographical point, specifically in production warehouses. For this reason, it’s necessary to contemplate implementing an answer on an automaton that permits the US to speak with our central ERP.

When the primary part of our project is given, it’s tempting to require our app to be an ERP clone, however on an organizer or automaton phone. Is that this extremely necessary? Why invest effort and cash in one thing that we tend to have already got enforced, which effort and cash have already been invested within excess? It winds up returning to the conclusion that the applying should have a series of characteristics to achieve success and be what we need it to be:

  • Simple And Clean: It ought to be as visually easy and clean as doable. It implies that we must always not overload the screens with useless, overlarge or difficult parts. The screen of an organizer is restricted, and also the optimization of the house should be clear.
  • As light-Weight As Doable: If it’s an associate application that’s planning to be employed in a warehouse, for instance, it should fulfil the tasks that area unit applied during a warehouse and not take into account functionalities with extraordinarily complicated logic. The associate operator is restricted to reading and causation information.
  • We leave The Strength For The ERP: As explained within the time, the burden of the operations should fall on the ERP, since they’re already enforced antecedently, and there’s an improved structure to support the same calculations.
  • Reliable And Secure Communication: After all, the communication between the applying and also the ERP should be fully reliable and secure. Reliable so information isn’t lost on the means there or back, and secure, so a 3rd party does not intercept it.

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The strategy House Begins With The Foundations

Once the requirements and limitations we have are clear, it’s time to jump into the pool and begin development. A pool without water? Where do I begin? The answer is simple: training yourself. Currently, there are numerous courses very focused on learning Android in a very simple and comprehensive way.

Also, we’ve got to require into consideration, and also the nice luck, that automaton is beneath the wing of maybe the most important technological big that exists: Google. Through its development website, you may notice the guide with the recommendations that Google makes to implement associate automaton application during a strong means which satisfies the necessities we tend to area unit trying to find. Associate automaton application is made on four layers:

  • Activities/Fragments: This area unit the weather that represents the user interfaces. This is often wherever things are displayed and wherever you move with the screen.
  • ViewModel: The ViewModel is an intermediate layer between the read and also the model, that permits to assume an additional elaborate logic that’s outside the read which isn’t as direct with the info layer because of the Repository.
  • Repositories: The Repository is the layer answerable for manipulating and processing the info to be displayed on the screen, and getting ready the same information to send to the ERP.
  • Room and Retrofit (Data Layer): It’s the layer that’s to blame for causation and receiving information. Through space, we tend to manage the native info of the applying, and Retrofit is answerable for concluding the external communication with the ERP.
  • Web Services: One of the foremost necessary elements of design. It’s the channel between the applying and also the ERP, so it permits the US to be abstract from all the particularities of the ERP, no matter what kind it’s going to be.

Facelift And User Expertise

Finally, one of the aspects to require into consideration is that the detail and care of the interface. We tend to build the error of basic cognitive processes that we tend to area unit making an associate application in our image and likeness, which it’ll be employed by a sort of use the same as ours. And something further from the truth.

The colors, icons, the position, and grouping of the weather on the screen, the font, etc. it’s as or additional necessary than a decent internal style. It’s necessary to understand the top user, their habits and build them feel snug in their geographical point operating with the new tool. It’s useless if the applying works sort of a charm, however, it hinders your day today.

The New Life Within The Warehouse

Once the ideas of the previous points are unit clear, we tend to cannot abandon the main focus on what’s extremely important: the functionalities of the applying. Our application ought to be ready to perform the subsequent operations and features:

  • Inventories, Regularizations and wrenching, to regulate the warehouse stock in the least times and keep it updated.
  • Locations, each of loose pairs and packages that permit to dominate the physical state of affairs of the Merchandise.
  • The entry of Merchandise, to enter what involves the US through containers or client returns.
  • Merchandise output, to hold out every kind of invoices instantly, each loose pair and packages.
  • Recording Coupons and Production, to trace the producing standing of orders.
  • Stock management, for all package management, each for consultation and movement among the warehouse.

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