Are You Writing Your First Book? It’s Time To Minimize The Labour And Maximize The Creativity

Are You Writing Your First Book? It’s Time To Minimize The Labour And Maximize The Creativity

Every craftsperson needs an excellent tool that can bring their vision to fruition. For a sculptor, it is their chisel. For a painter, it is their paintbrush. Similarly, for a writer, it is their writing software. 

Writing a book requires a lot of planning. You have to come up with an outline, define your characters, do your research, and keep tabs on what you have already written. 

 What can make the process easier? A book writing software! 

A book writing software is essentially a software where you pen down your thoughts and turn it into a manuscript. 

Why Should You Use a Book Writing Software?

You may wonder that since the software is only supposed to note down what comes from your brain, a simple notepad should fit the bill.


How about we put these thoughts to rest by telling you how much you will benefit from a book writing software and how it is a revolutionary tool that aids your creative process? Here are some of the advantages of book writing software.
Personalized Writing Experience
No two authors are alike. Every author writes at a different pace. A book writing software that offers a personalized experience will motivate you to keep writing.
The software that is personalized to meet your needs makes it smoother for you to complete your book. You will feel at home writing, and this makes your creative juices flow.
Easy to Organize Your Book
Writing is a complicated process and not a linear one. You may only write the introduction at the very end. Some authors start by writing the ending. There is nothing wrong with writing what comes to you first.
However, you must arrange these chapters so that they make sense when you get back to them later. A book writing software has a simple drag and drop interface that lets you do just that.

Grammar Check As You Write

Imagine writing a whole book and then proofreading it only to realize that you have made some elementary grammatical errors along the way. You will then have to go over the entire book and correct these mistakes. You can quickly agree that this is a time-consuming process.


A book writing software corrects your grammar as you write. Most of the grammar mistakes are accidental. You get caught up in the writing process and let the thoughts flow into words.
You may end up missing some prepositions or punctuations or make a few spelling mistakes. An instant grammar check will inform you of these so that you can correct them right away.
It helps you save time once you have finished writing the book. You only need to proofread to look for inconsistencies.

Ready to Use Templates

Writing a book and a screenplay only have one thing in common – writing. The format, the tone, and the process are entirely different. When you use a regular word processing software, you have to spend time searching for the right template.
A book writing software comes with specific re-loaded templates that fit the most common book formats. You can find templates for short stories, novels, fiction, non-fiction, as well as screenplays.
These templates cut down the time you would spend on formatting. It helps in making writing a seamless process.

Accessible from Multiple Platforms

Authors are often portrayed in popular cultures as either writing in secluded locations or cafes. These portrayals may not be spot on, but they aren’t so far off the mark either.
Authors write whenever an idea strikes them. What if that happens when you are traveling and do not have your laptop or personal computer?
One of the features of a book writing software is that it is accessible across multiple platforms. Don’t have your laptop with you? No problem! Open the mobile version of the app on your smartphone and start writing!

View Plot Outline

Writing is a very discontinuous process. Sometimes you write for days and then stop for the next few weeks. Then an idea strikes you, and you start writing again.
But since it has been a few weeks, you may have lost track of the plot outline. Or consider the scenario where you want to introduce a new element or a plot twist in the story. Having a bird’s eye view of the outline can be helpful here.
Most book writing software will have a board where you can view an outline of what you have already written. Some even let you add new elements or chapters in the middle of the existing storyline. This feature comes in very handy if you are someone who writes in a non-linear manner.

Auto-Save Feature

Another handy feature of the book writing software is the auto-save function. All your work is instantly saved to the cloud, even if you do not press the Save button.
This ensures that you never lose your hard work because of a simple mistake, such as not pressing the Save button, but it also makes it smoother for you to transition from one platform to another.
Minimize Procrastination
Writers are often notorious for procrastinating the writing. You have the general plot in your head, but to put it into words seems like a Herculean task. You might end up doing everything else but write. How do you get around this?


The book writing software asks you how much time you want to spend on writing each day. Then, it continually reminds you if you haven’t reached your quota for the day. A constant reminder takes away your excuse that you forgot to write and force you to pen down a few words, at least for the set duration.

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Start Writing Right Now!

Seasoned authors will tell you that the first book is often the hardest. You are still new to the idea of writing, and there is an increased tendency to get lost in the details.
A book writing software provides you with a tool that is easy to master and can improve your writing tremendously. You may get by without one, but the software can enhance your book writing experience by leaps and bounds and make the writing process more enjoyable.


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