What Is The Impact Of Digital Transformation?

What Is The Impact Of Digital Transformation?

More than ever, the digital transformation of businesses is at the heart of the challenges. Fully accountable for these process modifications, the accounting experts also use digital technology and the automation of accounting procedures. Find out how digital transformation is revolutionizing accounting.

Digital transformation: what challenges for online accounting?

The digital transformation affects all professions, regardless of the sector of activity. Accountants are not immune to these digital upheavals. Accounting expertise is one of the professions to see digital transformation fully integrated into its operating model. Using an online accountant is now common.
Online accounting firms respond effectively to the changing needs of businesses and individuals. Accessibility, responsiveness, and simplicity are now different challenges for professionals. Online accounting expertise is part of projects to standardize digital technologies, to successfully dispense with paper documents gradually and over the long term.

What are the benefits of online accounting?

The profession of chartered accountant, whether it uses digital or not, has always been a necessity for companies. An online accountant is present daily to meet the obligations of keeping and presenting accounts by regulations. At each stage of the life of a business, the online accountant provides advice and optimizes situations in many areas such as tax, social, and legal. Online accounting has many significant benefits for businesses.

An online accountant to save time

The dematerialization offers to save considerable time on all the tasks related to keeping up-to-date accounts. The automation of accounting processes, the dematerialization of the tax package, or even the use of increasingly efficient accounting software, are all measures that allow online accountants to limit the time spent on these tasks and increase the time spent on strategic missions.

An online accountant to improve productivity

The generalization and automation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for the filing of accounting documents allows more time to work on management control, analysis, and advice. Through applications, online accounting offers the possibility of consulting all the accounting information concerning your business at any time.

Online accountant to save time and money

The dematerialized route notably saves time in terms of travel and to reach your accountant online at all times, by email or by phone. As a result, professionals can transmit their accounting documents, such as receipts, expense reports, or various invoices, easily and instantly. The online accounting firm synchronizes securely with your professional account to know the situation of the business in real-time.

The digital transformation of accounting also has the advantage of making companies benefit from cheaper offers. The time savings, linked with simplified data entry, allow online accountants to offer services at a lower cost, 30 to 50% cheaper than a traditional firm.

Can you start your own business online?

An online accountant has the same qualifications as an accountant in a traditional firm. This is why online accounting firms are more than willing to offer comprehensive services to businesses and individuals.

The digitization of accounting makes online business creation possible. Indeed, it is quite possible to manage all of the formalities for setting up business directly online. The entrepreneur can carry out various procedures alone or use an online accountant. The professional will support the business creator in the drafting of the statutes, the deposit of cash contributions, the recording, and the transmission of documents to the competent Business Formalities Center, all this in a paperless manner.

Online accountant: what are the points to check?

The digital transformation has seen the profession of chartered accountant change over the years. To ensure the expertise of the online accountant, it will be necessary to verify that the company in question is registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants. Also, it is a good idea to ensure the availability of the online accounting service. To guarantee the success of the collaboration, exchanges must be able to be fluid and regular. Finally, always for the sake of fluidity, check that the service offers secure tools allowing the automatic retrieval and categorization of the various transactions of the company. Productivity and expertise are at the rendezvous of the digital transformation of accounting.


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