Artificial Intelligence At The Service Of Customer

Artificial Intelligence At The Service Of Customer

Talking about Artificial Intelligence in the workplace can generate various reactions, from the pessimists who predict the end of human employment to the optimists who see in artificial intelligence the key for humans to perform more creative and important tasks, for example, in customer service. In fact, new jobs will be created in multiple sectors thanks to AI.

And it is that Artificial Intelligence and machine learning-based systems make us optimistic. They will be able, very soon, to replace us for repetitive tasks that involve interaction with humans, and that is precisely one of the best news for sectors such as e-commerce and, especially, their customer service. Let’s see why.

Automating Repetitive Tasks in Customer Service

The qualified human staff that attends the queries and requests in the customer service centers has to perform very repetitive tasks throughout the day that, in reality, consume time that could be devoted to more complex and high-level tasks. That is, they could invest their time in more appropriate tasks for a human brain.

Every day, several requests are met that are virtually the same: they require the same answers, the same actions and do not need a singular effort. For example, refunds, cancellations, updates … Such tasks could be automated by a machine-based system and, in turn, allow people to focus on other aspects.

Because, deep down, we have to keep in mind that the reality that “conversations” (real and real conversations with customers by email, chatbots, phone calls, etc.) is barely accounted for is only 30%. of the average customer service experience. The other 70% consists of actions and processes that customer service agents must perform manually each time a customer requests a refund or the status of an order, to give two examples.

That is why machine-based systems focus on tasks that, a priori, seem so simple to us.

A Customer Service Center is Ideal For Training Smart Systems

Contact centers or customer service centers are ideal for training systems based on machine learning. They have extensive data records and past queries that form a perfect training data set for the predictive capabilities that machine learning provides.

Upon completion of this training, machine learning models are able to understand the questions that are asked, even if their construction is different from what they already know. These models determine the client’s objective based on the conversation, among other things, and are able to pass the information to the professional, who scores it, and if it is correct, said response is sent to the client. In this way, the attention times are cut and excellent customer experience is offered.

The future is already present, and today we have customer services that have agents based on Machine learning that, in a transparent way for the client, carry out the first phases of the process. After that, they pass the information to the professionals in charge of the back-end processes that will solve the “tickets” and close the case.

Customers come to the customer service center because they need to solve very specific problems in the shortest possible time. Therefore, machine learning models are transforming customer service, since they either immediately resolve the most obvious issues, or accelerate the process for the customer, which will be more satisfied.


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