How To Choose a Best Smartphone

How To Choose a Best Smartphone

Nowadays Smartphone is a minimum requirement for each and everyone to fulfill their basic needs.without smartphone it feels like we are in another planet. If you want a best smartphone urgently and you don’t know about them clearly then follow us. maybe it’s your first phone, maybe your contract is about to be renewed, or maybe you just dropped the last one in the toilet. Do not worry. There are many good options and we have a quick guide on how to choose the right cell phone for you.

For a deeper analysis of what the smartphone market has to offer, see our guides to the best smartphones, the best Android phones, and the best cheap smartphones.

Smartphone: Identify your Requirments

There are a lot of different things to consider when you are buying a new best smartphone. Do you need a large screen phone? Maybe you prefer something you can use with just one hand? Are you looking for a long-lasting battery or the best camera phone you can find? Do you need a lot of storage space for your music collection? Perhaps you are a frequent traveler and a dual-SIM phone would be useful?

Start by writing a list of the most important functions for you and use it to compare devices to make sure your new smartphone ticks all the boxes.

Choose An Operating System

Actually, there are only two smartphone operating systems that are worth considering today: Android and iOS.

Both are easy to use and support a wide variety of applications and games. Although you can switch from Android to iOS, or from iPhone to Android, there is a learning curve. You will feel at home instantly on any platform you are used to.

Android offers a greater variety of devices at different prices, offers more customization options, and Google’s excellent suite of services and applications is integrated. If you already use Google Maps, Gmail and Google Docs, Android will be the best option for you. It also has the best virtual assistant – Google Assistant – which is increasingly useful.

Apple’s iOS offers a more uniform and accessible experience, is more secure and the experience and quality of App Store applications are slightly better. If you already have a MacBook or an iPad, it is likely that an iPhone is the most logical thing for you. You will also find a huge variety of accessories for iPhones, something that may be limited for lesser-known Android devices.

For a more detailed breakdown of the two main smartphone platforms, see our Android vs. guide. iOS, where we put them face to face in several categories.

Functions You Want On Your Phone

Choosing the right phone for you can be difficult, and you can’t trust that most store employees know what they are talking about or guide you in the right direction. We recommend that you compare prices and get to work with the smartphone you want before buying. If you don’t know much about the specifications, try to bring a well-informed friend if you have one, but if not, here are some things you will want to think about.


If you want something you can use with one hand, then take it and try it. Many of today’s phones are glass front and back, but that makes them fragile and prone to stains, so they don’t suit everyone. Check that the position of the fingerprint sensor also suits you, since it usually moves from the front to the back. The right design for you should look and feel good.

Nice Screen

You will spend many hours looking at it, so make sure your smartphone screen is a good size for you and has a high resolution. Anything that is 1080p or higher will be sharp enough. In terms of the underlying technology, OLED screens have better contrast, with deeper blacks than LCD screens, and we prefer them in general. Both Samsung’s Galaxy range and Apple’s OLED sports screens for iPhone X, but you won’t find them at the end of market budgets.

Good Performance

This will be determined primarily by two things: The processor and RAM. The processor is the most important, and the newest is generally better in terms of speed and energy efficiency. Apple’s A-series chipset tends to outperform the competition. For an Android phone, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is currently the best. It is debatable how much RAM you need in a smartphone, but we recommend that you look for at least 4 GB. However, this does not apply to iPhones, since they deal with memory management differently and do not require as much RAM. If in doubt, read the comments or play with your possible smartphone in a store to try it.

Operating System Updated

If you buy a new iPhone, you will get the latest version of iOS, but it is not always the case with Android phones. it may take a while to get the latest updates, and future versions of Android may not be obtained at the time of launch, or maybe not are obtained at all, if the manufacturer decides not to update. Only Google stock Android phones, such as the Pixel 2, are guaranteed to get immediate and consistent Android updates. Always try to get the latest version that you can.

A Good Camera


Smartphone cameras have come on by leaps and bounds in recent years. The choice can be disconcerting, but it is important to keep in mind that good camera performance is much more than a high number of megapixels. If you are able to test the phone for yourself, there is no doubt that you should do it, but you will also find useful information in the reviews, and here in Digital Trends, we make many shots with cameras.

Choose a Wireless Operator

It is important to choose a provider that offers good coverage in your area so that it has a strong signal. We recommend doing a small investigation in Open Signal where you will find complete coverage maps for different areas and operators. Simply enter your location and choose a provider to see what the coverage is like where you live and work. If you want to be able to do things that require a lot of data, such as real-time videos or multiplayer games, without Wi-Fi, make sure 4G coverage is good in your area.

The four main options are Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, but there are other companies such as MetroPCS, Boost, Cricket and Virgin that are worth considering. If you plan to buy your smartphone from your service provider, along with your service, then you should also check that they offer a phone you want. We recommend buying an unlocked phone whenever possible because in the long run it will be cheaper and give you the freedom to change providers in the future.

Assuming there is not much difference in the quality of coverage for your area, and that you can get the phone number you want from multiple providers, you may want to check our next section before making a decision.

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