What is Educational Software?

What is Educational Software?

Educational Software is a computer program that is used to educate the user. This means that Educational Software is a pedagogical or teaching tool that, due to its characteristics, helps to acquire knowledge and develop skills.

Software is a term that refers to a computer program. These technological tools have different applications that allow the execution of a varied range of tasks on a computer.

Educational software-Definition

Educational, meanwhile, is that linked to education (the instruction, training or teaching provided). The adjective is also used to name what allows education.

From these definitions, we can indicate that educational software is a computer program that is used to educate the user.

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Different Kinds Of Educational Softwares

  • There are different kinds of educational softwares,¬†Some of these programs are designed to support the teacher. In this way, the teacher or the teacher goes to the software to offer their lessons or to reinforce a class. Other types of educational software, on the other hand, are aimed directly at the student, offering an environment in which they can learn on their own.
  • Educational software is very important in distance education. These technological tools allow simulating the conditions that exist in a classroom or classroom. So the student can “enter” a virtual classroom, interact with the teacher through videoconferences, chat or email, complete assessments, etc.
  • Within the environment of a virtual classroom, there may be different tools that facilitate teaching and communication among all participants. Despite containing the term “classroom”, it is important to understand that this type of space must present certain differences with a conventional classroom, to address potential technical problems, such as the instability of students’ Internet connections, or the lack of power of their equipment.
  • Since educational software pursues integration as one of its primary objectives, it is not based on state-of-the-art technology that only a few can enjoy, but uses all the available resources to provide the rich outcome.
  • Educational software in general, most of a virtual classroom is occupied by a space in which the teacher presents the contents, either through documents, images or text that he writes through a graphic tablet; the faces of the participants are usually in small boxes, although in some cases only the teacher is seen until he decides to address a student and then makes his image visible to everyone.
    It is important to note that, just like textbooks are classified by age, educational software also targets specific student segments.
  • It is worth mentioning that, despite all the advantages that such a program can offer in the field of education, it also has certain points against it. First, many people point out that students do not respect educational software at the same level as a teacher, in that they do not receive lessons of comparable impact; Following this difference in perception, the desire to find errors in the system to take advantage of them and obtain correct answers without the necessary knowledge also arises many times.
  • Let us not forget that a good teacher must transmit to his students the passion that has led him to devote years of his life to the study and improvement of his profession, something that is impossible through a computer program. For this reason, educational software should not aim to replace the presence of the teacher but should complement it, help you impart the concepts and evaluate your work.
  • One type of educational software that offers truly advantageous opportunities for students is open, which does not focus on teaching as much as on creative learning. Open educational software offers an environment in which students can explore at their leisure, instead of following a previously established sequence, and therefore each individual can live a particular experience throughout the learning process.


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