Top Trends in Big Data for 2020

Top Trends in Big Data for 2020

If there is something that will not stop growing in 2020, it is the data. Each time we will have greater amounts of data generated everywhere, from the simplest IoT devices to the most complex, even they will be generated in space.

In fact, it is estimated that literally millions of jobs dedicated to Data Science will need to be filled, that is, data specialists will be urgently needed. Big Data will be used much more and will transform organizations in a way that we can already intuit. Many of the trends in Big Data that we are going to comment on will generate new concepts; others will be mixed with other technologies. Let’s see the main ones.

Machine learning

The automation tools and Machine Learning  help develop ideas that would be difficult to remove by other methods, including by expert analysts. The combination provides faster results and increases overall efficiency, as well as reaction times. In 2020, IoT will make possible the fusion between machine learning and streaming analytics.

Big Data Analysis

The analysis will be mandatory for all companies that work with Big Data, under the risk that, if this type of Big Data analysis is not carried out, competitiveness can be irremediably lost, especially in the face of 2021.

The analysis of speech in real-time and analyzing the journey customer will trend in 2020. get certified in bigdata

Continuous intelligence

  • The intelligence continues is a design pattern in which real-time analytics is integrated within a business operation. In this way, it is possible to process current and historical data to make action decisions depending on the event.
  • This continuous intelligence offers automation for decision making. The intelligence continues to fail technologies such as increased analysis, event stream processing, optimization, and machine learning.
  • Continuous intelligence promises to provide more effective customer support and special offers designed to tempt specific customers. Gartner has predicted that more than half of the businesses will use continuous intelligence by 2022, so whoever adopts this technology in 2020 will have a competitive advantage.

Everything converges on the edge of the net

The Internet of Things will be merged with data analysis in 2020, and much of the blame will be on the industrial IoT (IIoT) market, but also that of the automotive industry. The main objective of combining IoT with machine learning and data analysis is to improve the flexibility and accuracy of the responses made by machine learning, regardless of the situation. In addition, this type of system will be refined to improve interaction with humans.

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