Internet of Things [IoT] Applications in Civil Engineering

Internet of Things [IoT] Applications in Civil Engineering

With the passage of time, the Internet of Things [IoT] is becoming increasingly intelligent and omnipresent. There are more solutions, more efficient and with greater processing capacity, and the connected devices are counted by tens of billions, putting us in a situation in which we must solve the massive connectivity that this implies in the best possible way.

The civil engineering projects have much room for improvement with the integration of technologies and IoT devices. This technology significantly improves the automation and remote monitoring of many tasks, allowing operators to stay out of small tasks more than ever.

The data that IoT devices collect can inform and allow action across the scope of a project and even beyond. For example, IoT sensors can monitor soil consolidation and degradation, as well as the environmental impact of a development project.

Civil Engineering Applications That Can Take Advantage Of IoT

Allow the passage from reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance

Compared to the usual maintenance, which consists of fixing the damages once they occur, there is the preventive maintenance that applies solutions long before a part of a system will fail. The Internet of Things [IoT] allows this type of prevention because it makes available to engineers the necessary data to make the correct prediction. This can completely transform the way maintenance is managed, and cut costs significantly.

Enable a real-time construction management strategy

Many civil engineering projects must complete many tasks, whether they involve tracking and measuring construction supplies, or labeling field equipment and distributing them properly. IoT technology can help by collecting relevant information in real-time and displaying it to the necessary parties, providing faster action time. Thus, the decision-maker can see how situations develop and take measures to improve or correct the course of a project on the fly.

Reliable documentation created automatically

Documentation is of utmost importance in any project before, during and after its conclusion. IoT technologies can improve the entire process, if not fully automate it. The reports are especially useful to have during inspections, for insurance and civil liability issues, among other things. The data that is collected on the IoT devices can be analyzed and added to any report to complete the necessary details.

Improves security in projects

Supervisors and project managers should be kept informed at all times about whether an accident occurs. This way they can locate and evacuate any personnel safely. Internet of Things [IoT] can provide real-time tracking for all workers involved. In this way, a much safer operation is achieved for all involved, especially for workers.


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