What Is The Difference Between Brand Reputation And Brand Awareness

What Is The Difference Between Brand Reputation And Brand Awareness

Not many weeks ago we were already talking about reputation and notoriety along with consistency and commitment. But also in recent months, many branding specialists insistently and sarcastically affirm that notoriety is bought and reputation is earned.

For those of us who are dedicated to creating and managing brands, notoriety and reputation are constant goals that are very fragile because they can quickly be lost. Today you can enjoy notoriety and tomorrow no longer because another brand has carried out a stronger campaign that eclipses you. A very clear example to understand it can be seen in advertising on the internet, you pay for your clicks that keep you first, another comes that offers more for them and unseats you, it is a crude but clear example. Notoriety is that, investing to be remembered, being the first option when we have to consume a certain good or service, or being the first to recommend when asked.

Reputation also requires investment, but not purely financial. It requires an investment in work, in behavior, in the way of doing things, in protocols, treatment, efficiency. All those “small” details that people perceive and that make them shape the image of the company. As we said a few weeks ago, having a reputation does not mean much, the issue is whether that reputation is good or excellent.

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We all know of places, products, and even services with a bad reputation, which left a bad feeling in those who consumed them and who therefore acted accordingly, deciding not to return, complain, or give bad references.

Reputation is like a cultivated field, if you tend it, sow, clean, water, harvest, and re-treat the land you will have good results. The more you take care of it, the better and the more abundant harvest you will have; However, the moment you abandon it a little, weeds come out, a little more abandonment and the weeds take over the land and eat the sown and so on until the harvest dies.

A brand is a field with possibilities for production and growth. The larger the land, the more work, and maintenance it requires, and if the harvest is properly worked and maintained, that is, the reputation will be good. And this sometimes requires an economic investment that can streamline processes that revert to a positive perception, but it always refers more to a way of doing things.

Notoriety is not synonymous with success, it is synonymous with brand awareness. In other words, that resources have been invested in communication actions in the form of advertising, sponsorships, raffles, contests, PPR. and in all communication channels of the company. Said roughly, it is achieved by paying presence. It is a double-edged sword because then that knowledge generates expectations in many people that must be met and the company must be able to know its limits so as not to fail them or not die of success.

Let’s take a final example to differentiate both concepts. A brand for online sales of imported products decides to expand the market for what it invests in an advertising campaign, in raffles and contests, reinforces its presence in rr.ss. and establishes a branded content strategy by making force on his blog with very interesting articles that go viral. You start getting answers, you increase your interaction with people and your content is shared, you are gaining notoriety. Sales start to rise, campaign success, they continue to increase and orders have to be rushed, they go to more and smaller failures in shipments such as delays begin (when there had never been any), more and there are small stock breakages with what that entails. While the brand’s channels begin to read comments that orders do not arrive on time, or that they do not arrive, or that the stock in the store runs out immediately. As A Result, the brand reputation begins to fall due to the loss of response from the brand. Then notoriety also begins to fall because people no longer pay attention.

It is a crude example and without details, but it exemplifies a brand capable of growing in notoriety with a good investment that is not able to manage that return and loses a good reputation due to lack of response. As long as the answer can be given that meets people’s expectations, the reputation of the brand will be positive, when the reputation begins to fail it will go under, no matter how much investment continues.

It is necessary to match the message and the investment so that expectations are not generated so high that the brand does not know how to meet or whose response does not measure up to expectations. We are talking about honest communication that requires a deep knowledge of the product or service that is offered to talk about it in a way that can then be responded to before people.

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