Cloud Switchboards – Artificial Intelligence For Cloud Switchboards

Cloud Switchboards – Artificial Intelligence For Cloud Switchboards

Artificial Intelligence, which so many science fiction films have inspired over the years, became a reality, which has evolved by leaps and bounds, improving its features and reducing its costs, which has allowed it to become popular, and Nowadays, any company has the possibility of using it to improve its Customer Service. Thanks to the integration of AI with the PBX in the cloud, the average response time is reduced, the quality of the service is improved and the work of the agents is unloaded, thus optimizing resources.

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence is being used in many sectors and has really interesting applications in areas such as caring for the environment or industrial development, among others. But, as we mentioned before, the help of AI in the Customer Service division is invaluable. These are some of the most useful applications in this field:

  • Analysis Of Customer Reactions: One of the functions of Artificial Intelligence is based on the analysis of user interactions. Thus, for example, if the person, in a phone call attended by AI, says words such as supervisor, dissatisfaction, or any other that indicates their dissatisfaction, the system will alert the person in charge of the corresponding department, who could listen to the call, and intervene. if necessary. The main advantage of this functionality is that the analysis is carried out in real-time, so the problem can be solved on the spot, improving the customer experience.
  • Detection Of Work Peaks: The use of Artificial Intelligence does not replace humane treatment, but rather complements it. Although more and more users choose to use machines for certain services, such as ATMs, take-out, or tolls, for example, when solving problems or dealing with more sensitive issues, we all continue to prefer humane treatment. For this reason, the detection of work peaks, coming from the analysis of the calls received in a call center, will facilitate the work of the agents and allow the coordinators a much more effective use of resources, which will have a direct impact on better service.
  • Direct Interactions With Clients: Interaction with clients is one of the most used functionalities of Artificial Intelligence. Through it, users get answers to frequently asked questions, without the need for an agent to be available. This not only reduces call queues and waits considerably, but also frees workers to take calls that require human intervention.
  • Get Ahead Of The User’s Wishes: Prediction is the future of AI and a lot of financial and human resources are being invested to perfect this quality. Artificial Intelligence is called like this, because in many aspects it simulates a human brain, obviously saving distances, but like this one, it is capable of learning through experience

This is especially useful in certain circumstances, and although it may sound very complicated, it is not that complicated. Thus, for example, in a routing system for calls or frequently asked questions, the machine learns from the responses of customers, offering more and more valid options. In the same way, it can be used for other purposes. Imagine that a supermarket customer regularly consults the offers at the end of the month, the system detects it and the brochure could be sent to him by mail, on the 25th, for example, anticipating his action.

Advantages Of Using Artificial Intelligence In Customer Service

In addition to all the functionalities of Artificial Intelligence, the use of this through the virtual switchboard offers us a series of additional benefits. These are the three most interesting for the company:

  • Permanent Service: One of the main advantages of using Artificial Intelligence is that it satisfies the customer’s need for immediacy. On the one hand, it can serve a large number of users at the same time, and in addition, the service will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without the need for the employer to make a large investment.
  • Greater Efficiency: Another great benefit of AI is that it increases efficiency, since it allows agents to dedicate themselves to the really important tasks, giving them more time and fewer users to attend to, so those that are derived, from the automatic system, will be treated in better conditions.
  • Great Data Analysis Capacity: The data analysis of every call attended by Artificial Intelligence in real-time is very useful. This will allow us to learn about our target audience and the buying habits, concerns, and concerns of our customers.
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