Contextual Intelligence And Emotional Storytelling To Impact Consumers

Contextual Intelligence And Emotional Storytelling To Impact Consumers

Most of the world’s leading digital campaign verification companies have reviewed what has been discussed and the current needs of the sector and has prepared an internal document, the main conclusions of which are as follows:

Build Brand

Of the eight content areas, three have been specifically targeted at brands. “ The current obsession with clicks and impressions has caused essential aspects for advertisers to be neglected. Among others, the responsibility they have in building their brand and maintaining their health in the long term ”. In this regard, it stressed the responsibility of companies by constructing a brand.

Hence, it is advised that, together with the care of the impressions, they take into account the opinion of consumers and orient themselves towards them, since today this is just as important as the results. And also, because they immediately read and judge about the digital strategy of their favorite brands.

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Brand Suitability

Brand suitability is considered a very advantageous tool for the digital strategy of advertisers and supports. For the former, because, taking into account, the meaning, context, and possible implications of an online content next to the impressions according to the specific and current needs of a brand allow them to insert the impressions in more suitable places and thus achieve better results.

And because it uses cognitive semantic technology, such as contextual intelligence, it helps them ensure that they can accurately control the content that appears next to ads.

As for the supports, it manages for them, on the one hand, to minimize the waste of sale of advertising space and, on the other, to maximize their performance, according to the moments with the most traffic on their site.

Along with this, it is a technology that is based on predictive science that can predict which ads work best based on the content page where the impressions are inserted. In this way, we can minimize the blockages in the security and brand suitability categories and maximize the performance of the campaigns.


Times have changed and company CEOs are no longer the only decision-making force in companies. CMOS is now central to brand strategy and brand business.

And to build a brand, the storytelling achieves that consumers feel part of a brand, therefore, is key one piece. In this sense, it is observed that the recourse to nostalgia is highly effective since by reminding people of childhood things, they get them to smile and see the brand as their own.


The digital industry is constantly changing. That means it allows you to innovate over and over again. However, the current context has shown that it is not the only key piece and that it is convenient to keep some ‘traditional’ elements, such as creative agencies or talent within organizations.

By way of conclusion, it is pointed out that the circumstances we are going through the demand that brands consider a solid brand construction, based on solid storytelling, that seeks to make consumers feel attracted and identified by the advertisers, to the point of making them feel part of the brand and plan digital campaigns that take into account the context in which the impressions are inserted.


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