Top Most Popular Digital Professions In [2020-2030]

Top Most Popular Digital Professions In [2020-2030]

New technologies are changing the way we live day to day and also, in which we work giving rise to new digital professions.

If you are learning about the new digital professions, you may be looking for a job or want to change You are also probably wondering where you can study digital marketing . It is totally logical, because this sector is one of the fastest growing and most likely to find work.

In addition, you have to take into account some data. According to the Huffingtonpost ” 47% of current jobs will disappear in the next 25 years ” So training in digital professions can be a competitive advantage in today’s job market.

What Are The Most Demanded Digital Professions?

Every day more professions are made in digital environments , with a computer or a tablet. Furthermore, with each technological advance, new professions of the future appear.

If you still don’t know what you want to do at work, here is a list of the 25 most interesting digital professions .

1. Digital Marketing Director

The Marketing Director (or Digital Marketing Manager ) is in charge of coordinating and directing the marketing department of a company or an agency.

He is responsible for establishing the marketing strategy, defining the budget for the different actions that will be carried out and directing the team so that everything goes according to plan.

2. SEO Technician

Every day we spend hours searching the most important information on Google or other search engines.

Almost every time we have a problem, we usually go to Google to find a solution. Therefore, appearing on the first page or on the second page can mean hundreds or thousands of euros.

The SEO Consultant is the one in charge of making a project appear in the first positions, that is why it is one of the most demanded digital professions.

3. SEM specialist

In addition to SEO, there is another way to appear in the best search engine positions , with the paid positioning , the SEM.

SEO is a long-term process, but sometimes, like when you have to position a sales page quickly and only for a few days, the best option is SEM.

4. Trafficker Digital

Without a doubt, one of the digital professions with the most future is the figure of the Trafficker .

He is responsible for the paid advertising of a company or business. It handles both advertising on social networks , such as Google Ads, YouTube or other digital platforms. Its mission is to make a brand visible on the internet and increase its conversions.

5. Copywriter

The Copywriter has the function of writing the texts with the aim of increasing conversions. Regardless of whether they are sales pages, emails, advertisements etc. The goal is to persuade the reader to take the action that the person really wants. For this, persuasive writing is one of the best weapons copy has.

6. Web designer

Nowadays, having a digital presence is practically essential for any type of business, so having a website is essential. Most often outsource this service and the fact that every X time the website has to be renewed, means that this service does not decline.

In addition, more and more people decide to start and set up their own digital project and the first thing they will need is a web page.

7. Application and software designer

Computer programs and mobile applications not only make life easier for us, they also help us to be more productive and efficient at work.

Within the design of applications, two different professional profiles are distinguished: backend programmers and UX designers.

8. Backend developer

The backend programmers are in charge of the applications, programs and web pages executing the actions that we request. That is the software correctly fulfills its function .

For that a backend developer must be specialized in at least one programming language.

9. Responsible for Usability and UX

The UX or frontend designer takes care of the entire visual part of a web page or application.

He is responsible for making the user interface easy to use . A frontend designer also has to have programming knowledge, but he doesn’t need a high level of specialization, instead he has to know about graphic design and be creative.

10. Social Media Manager

The director of social media strategy is in charge of planning the communication strategy of a brand on social networks, which will then be executed by the community manager.

For this, the SMM has to study the client’s business model, analyze the competition and focus the strategy to take advantage of the best opportunities.

11. Community Manager

The Community Manager is in charge of the communication of a brand or company on social networks, this is done following the guidelines of the social media plan that the SMM developed.

Today it is one of the most demanded digital professions, since more than 80% of people are users of some social network, and it is very important to have a good digital reputation .

In this case, there are many people who decide to embark on their own and c onvertirse in community manager freelance .

12. Content Manager

The content manager is in charge of planning and executing a company’s content strategy on the website and on social networks.

To make a good content strategy , the content manager must develop a strategy aligned with the social media plan and with the SEO objectives of the web.

13. Graphic designer

In general, people are very visual, and the more visual stimuli we receive, the more demanding it is to pay attention to things. That is why all the companies that advertise have at least one graphic designer to have attractive visual elements that attract the attention of their clients.

14. eCommerce Manager

The head of eCommerce is in charge of coordinating the entire digital strategy of the online store in the market. Every day we buy more through the internet and that means that qualified profiles are needed to carry out the tasks.

To give you an idea, e-commerce increased more than 30% compared to the previous year . Which means more than 10,000 million euros in a single quarter.
15. Inbound Marketing Specialist

The Inbound specialist is responsible for designing the company’s attraction marketing strategy.

That is, to define strategies whose objective is to get the person’s lead to qualify them and to end up making the sale. Years ago, advertising was more than enough to sell. Today with advertising saturation it is necessary to create content that solves the problems of our target audience.

16. Growth Hacker

The growth hacker is a professional who is in charge of developing sales strategies, with the particularity that his intention is to find hidden opportunities for the competition.

To do this, it analyzes the data, trends, social response, experiments, etc., looking for new business opportunities in which to grow at the lowest possible cost.

17. Data analyst

Data analysts, or big data analysts, are adept at collecting data and analyzing it statistically. Your goal is to find out where the best opportunities are for a company.

In addition to that, a good analyst is capable of developing strategies based on data to solve deficiencies or improve the processes of a company. This makes it one of the new digital professions most valued and where there are fewer qualified profiles.

18. CISO, Director of Information Security

CISO is the acronym for Chief Information Security Officer, is responsible for the security on digital platforms and technological systems of a company.

Every day we are more connected to the internet and new technologies. This causes new vulnerabilities and requires specialists in this new digital profession.

19. Responsible for CRM

The success or failure of a company depends on its ability to satisfy a need to its customers. To achieve this, it is essential to know customers and their needs in depth .

With this function, the CRM position appears in charge of getting to know customers, in order to adapt the product or service to their needs and increase customer satisfaction.

20. 3D modeler and animator

Movies, series and even youtube videos have 3D animations.

More and more companies are demanding designers specialized in 3D modeling to work in design departments. In addition, 3D printers are evolving and every day they print with higher quality and with more materials.

21. SAP Consultant

The SAP system is a program that makes it easier for companies to manage all their resources , both financial, material and human.

To administer this system, companies need a specialist to carry out not only the administration but also the implementation and transformation of the company organization.

22. Artificial Intelligence Developer

Artificial intelligences or bots are programs that act automatically. This means that they can be “trained” to do a job and improve with experience.

In addition to creating them, computer scientists are also needed to control and guide them to carry out the work in a coherent and synchronized way with the work of the person.

23. Architect in the cloud

The advantages of working through the cloud are enormous for companies.

Allows data to be stored and shared , improve coordination between teams, you can even run streaming programs from a server. That is why companies, especially the largest ones, have specialists on staff in charge of developing and managing this system.

24. Blockchain expert

Blockchain technology is being a real revolution. The best known application of this technology is cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin at the helm, but there are more and more.

Companies are emerging using the blockchain to transmit data in a much more secure way, to follow up with patients and even to know if the bus you are waiting for has free seats.

25. CDO, Digital Director

The digital director is in charge of carrying out the digital transformation of a company or brand .

He is also responsible for the entire online part of a company. The digital director is the head of the organization chart of all the employees who work in the digital and online environment of the company.


With the constant evolution of technology, new digital professions appear as the big data analyst.

Others like the copywriter or the digital trafficker have been around for a long time. But with the growth of online businesses, they have transformed and every day companies need more qualified profiles.

With the passage of time, new jobs will emerge that we will add to the article. Because in the world we live in today, everything is dynamic.


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