Reasons To Stay Away From Social Media During Exams

Reasons To Stay Away From Social Media During Exams

We live our lives on social media. Previously, we could say that it is our second life, second world, but now it looks much more like our first and sometimes the only real world. We have more friends in social media than on campus, we attend more online events than offline ones, and we prefer to spend time on social media to almost anything else. There are lots of reasons for that, but it is not an article dedicated to digging into the nature of our social media dependence. Here, we will give you some bulletproof reasons to stay away from social media during exams.

Reason #1. Obviously! It is a huge distraction

You cannot concentrate on anything when your phone beeps all the time announcing that someone retweeted your tweet, commented on your post, or likes your insta-photo. We are programmed to look for social appreciation, and it can truly decrease your concentration on the things that matter right now. Also, when you take your phone just for a minute and see all those notifications, you just can’t stop before you check all of them. They are designed to attract your attention. If you get distracted beyond belief and experience difficulties with submitting pre-exam papers on time, address an essay service with professional academic writers like those from SmartWritingService.

Reason #2. It can give a feeling of false satisfaction with life

When you are not ready for exams, you are worried. You don’t feel satisfied with your life; you are anxious. It is unpleasant, but it is logical. This anxiety helps you to concentrate on what matters — preparation for the exams. Scrolling social media pages gives you a false feeling of satisfaction. Your posts are liked, you are popular, life is good. But that is not the reality. The reality is that you are not ready for your exams! 

Reason #3. …Or instead of it — it can kill your self-esteem

Another edge is social media killing self-esteem. You are studying for exams, and someone is surfing in the ocean, you are reading textbooks, and someone is partying hard every night. You don’t have time even for a normal shower, and someone has time for a gym, work, healthy food, etc. You feel like you are not doing something worthy that whatever you do, you stay alone with your studies, and you will never be so successful as others. It is a very distracting and discouraging feeling, especially for students.

Reason #4. It provokes you to spend money on comfort shopping

When you are stressed, when you feel bad about yourself, when you are bored, and nothing goes the way it should, shopping is one of the choices that give some emotional comfort. Advertisement in social media is targeted very wisely, it hits you right in your soft spots, and you cannot resist clicking the pics, the links, and adding a few items into the basket. For some time, you feel better, but it is a false comfort accompanied by money not well spent.

Reason #5. It makes you feel obligated to nurture your social network

There is a term – FOMO. It stands for Fear Of Missing Out. There is also a social media FOMO. Fear of losing your well-built connections on social media. You are afraid that once you make a substantial break, you lose your influence and online friends. It adds to the anxiety of the exam period and totally messes with your cognitive abilities.

We realize that there is no way you will give up on social media completely, but at least try to reduce the time you spend on it. The best way is to install one of the applications that help to monitor time and block social media apps at some point until the next day. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

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