5 Key Tools Of Digital Workplaces That Guarantee Team Productivity

5 Key Tools Of Digital Workplaces That Guarantee Team Productivity

Companies that have digital workplaces equipped with certain key functionalities will be the best equipped to face any crisis that appears in the future.

There are many current indicators that indicate that the companies that invest the most in improving the digital experience of their employees and equipping them for remote work achieve more committed workforces, enhance their competitiveness, and positive results at all levels that have an impact on even an increase in income. What if a crisis like that of the coronavirus enters the scene? Well, in this case, the state of evolution of a company’s digital workplace can make the difference between continuing or not maintaining business productivity. Knowing what stage of maturity your tool is in and the way forward to evolve this solution towards a digital workplace model Completeness is essential to the future of organizations.

Experts highlight five capabilities of digital workplaces that can help the employee develop with more than ever before. ease and efficiency in their tasks, while increasing their motivation and satisfaction:

Content management and collaboration capabilities

Having technology endowed with high functionalities of content and documentary management is important for the correct development of the professional activity of the employees. In addition, the functionalities that allow creating knowledge bases, facilitating the creation and exchange of content, as well as departmental and interdepartmental collaboration with videoconferencing systems, chats, discussion forums, or collaborative wikis, are excellent for maintaining employee productivity. , regardless of the environment in which they are working.

Personalization of employee experience

In order to maintain the productivity index of the employees, it is necessary that they have the experience that responds to their specific needs. Automatic behavior-based content personalization will be a very useful tool to facilitate information localization, reducing search times, and increasing productivity. You can also consider using a company like Workhuman that helps you recognize employees, retain talent, and makes sure everyone feels seen.

Management of access to information based on roles and profiles

Correct identity management and access control on the intranet will allow us to maintain a continuous information access security system while enabling the organization to define specific policies adapted to special situations or crises, applied to each specific type of business.

Search for content

Having a powerful first-rate search engine will provide quick and agile access to information, which directly affects the productivity index of the workforce. Also, if users have tools to filter and sort search results, or to customize search rankings, it will have a direct impact on their satisfaction levels.

Integration of ecosystems

All the mentioned tools will make sense to the extent that they are integrated with the rest of the corporate systems. Because this integration will be the one that will allow offering a unified experience to the employee while making the most of the investments previously made in different technologies by the organization. It is important that, in situations that need to be managed with agility, the companies have the technology that allows them to adapt and evolve towards the model they need.

The digital workspace is a fundamental element for business. It is a critical environment when it comes to training the operations of the teams, keeping it prepared for any future challenge since it allows connecting different spaces, applications, processes, and culture in an integrative solution of the “Employee First” type.


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