Top Link Building Techniques To Get Quality Backlinks In 2020

Top Link Building Techniques To Get Quality Backlinks In 2020

As and when we enter the realms of digital deals, our ears are constantly popped up with the terms “ link building ” and “quality backlinks.” So, what is it exactly that everyone seems to push you into getting acquainted with this very reference words?

As simply as we can put it — link building is basically the connecting of hyperlinking from other websites to your website.

Hyperlinks are links that draw and guide people to navigate through a majority of related sites. Now you might ask what it is about them, that they are labeled to be such an integral part of a digital framework.

So, let’s see the answer to this:

Why is Link Building Essential to get quality backlinks?

As you might be aware, search engines shortlist websites through crawlers, and these crawlers search for links within the sites. They scan the linking structure and display the websites containing the most appropriate links as per their search.

Therefore, quality backlinks help the crawlers to determine the relevancy of the website, thus affecting its ranking.

So, anyone involved in a digital business should at least have a thorough knowledge of link building. But hold on, don’t panic.

If you are a complete novice in this area, after this article, your link building will strengthen from zero to mastery real soon.

Stay tuned and keep scrolling below to tread the mastery path of link building techniques in 2020. Here’s how you grow ratings and traffic simultaneously and efficiently:

Get Help From Someone Who Is Already In The Business

Now the first and foremost step in most of the tasks involves you to seek advice and help from the ones who are already in the respective fields.

So, to avert any sort of problem and with very less knowledge of link building, you should:

  • Avoid getting your links set up on the website
  • Ask your friend, relative, or acquaintance to borrow you a link
  • Never forget to check that this link exists and works, as non-promising links could be discouraging and might affect your search engine rank.
  • Keep in mind that the link you will borrow should be related to your content and not be some sort of outcast in your niche.

Become A Part of The Online Community

You might have heard it: “United we stand, Divided we fall.” When it comes to link building, you need to be completely thorough with this powerful statement that being a part of a particular community can help you improve.

Now, joining a community demands plenty of requirements, but the utmost should always remain related to niche content. Communities that possess similar niche content will let you have better quality relatable links that might increase your rank and traffic performance on the Internet.

This way, by being a part of the community, not only will you have quality backlinks to websites with relevant content, but also you will be updated about the recent and essential digital market news.

Try Your Hands With Testimonial Link Building

Testimonial link building is the ultimate solution to all of your problems. There are many companies out there that allow users to review their link providing services in order to:

  • Enhance the user interface
  • Bestow a good chance for improvements and better ratings
  • Help them develop their name
  • Assist them in building the business as well.

The backlinks provided by them would have a better reach and would be far more traffic attracting than the ones you would set up from your standard link requests.

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Keep Your Website Fresh and Alive

Now, if you run a website, especially the ones that have a blog base, you need to keep updating it. These sorts of sites should not go dry for months or years because that way, the links tend to die.

If you want traffic and profits out of your blogs:

  • Keep it alive
  • Update it daily with posts or pictures to engage your customers or viewers.
  • Make sure that the content you publish is well-linked to relevant websites and is well-informed and structured to avert any kind of verbal mishap.

Make Sure Your Site is Fast

Do you wait two minutes for a website to load? I don’t think so. If your site takes too much time to load, no one will mention your site on their sites. Therefore, it’s important to have a fast loading website to earn more backlinks. The most common culprit is poor web hosting when page load times are slow. If you have a WordPress website, make sure to pick a high quality managed WordPress hosting provider like 10Web. Also, you can get an awesome 20% lifetime discount using the coupon code provided by Woblogger.

Involve Yourself In Good Directories

This is a critical aspect of link building. Online directories are just like the conventional directories containing web addresses of particular websites labeled with various topics.

However, many existential directories are claimed to be irrelevant and are of no real value to the users. This makes them label as the useless or corrupt directories in the online realm.

All you need to do is protect yourself from such labels or such involvements, and your name should only be highlighted in directories that are considered useful and valuable, not the ones that are claimed to be regarded as trash by users and the Internet services.

Renowned directories not only provide you a chance to cover your websites with quality backlinks but also help you get involved in relevant directory sections.

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Write Guest Articles For Popular Websites

Now, this may seem like a very cliched advice, but it seems to work wonders. If you write for other websites, this might enhance your social standing as a content writer, and people might search you individually, which would take them to your site.

So, this was our approach to help you master the art of link building. What do you think about these technics? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.


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