How A GPS Locator Works

How A GPS Locator Works

GPS location systems have been in our lives for decades, and today they have managed to standardize that we know where our vehicle is at all times. But surely you have ever wondered how it works, what its advantages are, etc. Keep reading, and you will find out everything.

What Is A GPS Locator

The GPS locator or Global Positioning System allows us to locate anywhere in the world. They can be used to locate people, pets, objects, etc. But in this article, we focus on its most common function, vehicle location. They allow us to know the location of vehicles in real-time and their movement.

How Does A GPS Locator Work

Currently, the GPS is made up of 25 satellites that, through a system known as trilateration, allow us to know the location of an object. It is based on the transmission of a signal picked up by the receiver. Once the signal is emitted, the satellite calculates the time it takes to return to it to achieve the vehicle’s precise location.

To do this, it uses the locations known as reference points and the average distance between the vehicle and the other reference points. This is achieved by the satellites that circulate in the pre-established orbits and transmit the signal to us. The GPS must be connected to at least two satellites and use three waypoints. Information regarding speed, heading, direction, etc., can be obtained once the position is located.

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What Affects The Accuracy Of The GPS Locator

To know how a GPS locator works, it is essential to know what are the factors that affect its location accuracy:


Environments with many obstacles can affect accuracy and clutter signals. By obstacles, we refer to buildings, trees. That is why GPS locators are for outdoor use, since inside buildings, their accuracy would fail due to multiple obstacles.

The Time Interval Between Positions

The frequency with which the locator sends its position also affects its precision, and it is not the same to do it every 30 seconds as every 15 minutes. This is because the locator more easily stays in contact with the satellites while moving. So if it has been off for a long time, it takes longer than following a route.

Advantages Of A GPS Locator

Having a GPS locator provides many benefits and advantages to enjoy, either for your private car or for the management of a fleet of vehicles. Some of the advantages can be:

Anti-Theft System

Having a GPS locator allows you to receive continuous and updated information on the exact location of the vehicle, so in case of theft, you would be fully informed of the movement of the vehicle and where it is at all times, which will allow you to notify the authorities immediately and they control the vehicle. Even systems allow you to visualize the vehicle’s path or lock the engine once parked to prevent it from being started again.

Accident Safety

If an accident occurs, some of these systems immediately inform the emergency services of the exact location so that they can quickly get to where you are.


It may happen that on some occasions, you do not remember where you left the vehicle. With a system such as a GPS locator, you will always know the exact location, and you can save that time wondering where you parked.

Savings On Insurance

Currently, some insurers have chosen to offer discounted plans to customers who have vehicles with GPS locations.

Continuous Service

GPS provides information even in places with very little coverage.

Easy Access

Data can usually be accessed easily, quickly, and from anywhere through applications.


Its main advantage, total control of the vehicle in all aspects. You will always know where it is. If you have any questions about how a GPS locator works, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you, and if you need it, our management software offers you a GPS fleet location service.


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