How Can You Improve Cloud Security with DevSecOps

How Can You Improve Cloud Security with DevSecOps

The last few years have witnessed significant advancements in the fields of innovation and technology. Along with this advancement, companies are opting for all-around digital transformation accompanied by expansion. The IT industry has also witnessed a widespread influx of cloud services provided by leading organizations like Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and many more. While these tech giants have managed to reshape the industry, there are still security concerns that continue to threaten the functioning of these services.

DevSecOps is the security mantra, notably recognized for countering the security threats imposed by the cloud services. It is also the short form for development, security, and operations, which is the general rule of thumb to overcome security concerns. The security mantra aligns security and processes with the development cycle of a business.

Moreover, it ensures that each employee participates in company affairs with respect to compliance and security. While this sounds very simple, DevSecOps requires detailed planning and collaboration in various aspects of the organization for acquiring the aspired cloud security. In simple terms, it must be adopted to improve your cloud security for various reasons. Here, they are.

Regular Analysis of Code

The customer needs are always in a state of transition. Hence, companies must improvise and evolve their software to cater to the changing needs of their clients. Cloud-based firms are sometimes required to change their code multiple times a day. To do so, using old security models may not be of much help. These models may not be capable enough to handle faster delivery cycles and may restrict the entire process.

In such cases, a more agile and robust approach is needed to help the security experts detect vulnerabilities continuously and ensure the required quality. While migrating through the cloud services, analyzing the code shall maintain the software’s health throughout the entire migration process.

Automation of Testing Process

Automation of the testing process is the predominant driving force that makes the method popular among cloud services. Automated tests are more convenient than manual testing processes as they simplify the overall analyzing process. They execute recurring tests and provide detailed results instantly, along with the team’s feedback.

Executing automated tests at all developmental levels shall increase the team’s efficiency by eliminating all the errors included in the codes. Such tests also smoothen and streamline the cloud migration process, making it easier for you to migrate all your data and resources to the cloud.

Brings About Management Changes

DevSecOps can integrate and unite all the teams concerned with running the cloud project. Every team is aware of the activities of the other teams making it easier to detect and remove all the vulnerabilities in the system. This is essentially known as ‘change management’.

The process can be made more efficient by providing a set of tools and expertise to the teams, thereby empowering them. It may result in neutralizing any security concerns capable of hindering the cloud security systems. The cloud security mantra also provides the employees the freedom to make appropriate security changes in the team, thus increasing their overall productivity.

Ensure Following of Regulations

Platforms providing cloud services have large chunks of data. With this amount of data to handle, it becomes difficult to comply with security rules and regulations such as HIPAA, SOC 2, etc. Adopting DevSecOps helps ease compliance and reduces the added burden caused when regulatory audits are conducted.

All the development teams can gather practical evidence of compliance when the new codes are written, or changes are made in the existing ones. Such measures shall prove to be of great assistance to the organization in handling any out-of-the-box situation.

Constant Threat-Investigation

When a new code is added to the cloud services, there is always a possibility of vulnerabilities or loopholes. These must be detected, investigated, and neutralized as soon as possible to prevent any damage to the system.

For this, constant security checks and threat-investigations are needed. Regular scans, code reviews, penetration tests, etc., must be conducted regularly. Security engineers must be provided with security-specific knowledge and training. All these processes are a part of this security mechanism.

DevSecOps is a security tool used by dominating cloud-services platforms across the globe. This mantra aims to reduce manual testing and increase automated testing to decrease human errors and vulnerabilities and increase the productivity of the employees.

It further provides them with ample time to focus on more pressing issues rather than concerning themselves with mundane security checks. For improving your cloud security and safeguarding your data, this mantra is essential.


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