The Importance Of Wi-Fi Security In Protecting Your Network

The Importance Of Wi-Fi Security In Protecting Your Network

We already know that a business without a free internet connection can lose many clients, even some already established ones. In these cases, Wi-Fi security is fundamental because we talk about access to hundreds or thousands of strangers to a network that keeps everything we consider essential. Let’s see why this issue should be given the importance it deserves.

Why Think About Your Wi-Fi Security

One of the most common mistakes that some companies and businesses make is to ignore the security of their connections, perhaps because they are unaware of the risks that this may entail. What are the dangers of not paying attention to Wi-Fi security?


You may think that this will never happen to you, that hackers only reach big businesses, and yours is small. Nothing is further from reality. Think of hacking as a job (no matter how illegal it may be), and people spend several hours a day doing it. Well, anyone can be the victim of a hacker, even a person who does not have a business. How much more if you have! Not having Wi-Fi security on your network makes you vulnerable.

Connection With Illegal Activities

Anyone who uses a network without Wi-Fi security can indirectly access your information and use it in the way that suits them best. It is even possible that he included you as the author or accomplice of some illicit activity.

Network Performance

Not having Wi-Fi security can directly affect the performance of the connection since it is possible for people to access it without knowing it, which will cause a decrease in the signal with which your customers will not be happy.


As with hackers, cybercriminals also exist, and not having adequate Wi-Fi security will be the perfect hook for them to steal data and information that we share or transmit and even sell it on the black market.

How To Have Proper Wi-Fi Security

There are several ways to have Wi-Fi security on our network:

  • You have to have a key. This is not only a question of security but also of legality. Open Wi-Fi is not allowed.
  • Change this password from time to time.
  • Check your router settings every few months.
  • Change the name of the Wi-Fi to a more personalized one.
  • If you are closed for holidays or weekends, turn off and unplug the router.
  • It has an IP Police so that data can be extracted from the hotspot, and a specific connection can be identified on your Wi-Fi, as well as the day and time it was made, from which device, and from which IP address. A handy tool! This would also serve so that already loyal customers do not have to enter their data and give authorization for it each time they connect.

Now that you know the importance of Wi-Fi security go one step further and have the most professional you can find. Count on us and protect your network.


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