How To Build Brand Awareness With Inbound Marketing

How To Build Brand Awareness With Inbound Marketing

We begin by defining the term inbound marketing, it focuses on naturally reaching people through relevant content, and if inbound exists, outbound marketing must exist. This focuses on showing products or services and does so through media invasive. So how can we generate brand awareness using inbound marketing? We will tell you or remind you of eight tricks that can help your brand be recognized, remembered, and loved.

  • Pay attention to your presence in rss: Create a varied content strategy and publish regularly. We do not tell you to develop a complex calendar in a few weeks with the same publications each day. We say that you have a clear communication tone, establish several thematic lines that you can deal with, and go on making a bank of resources such as images, infographics, or your own videos. And use hashtags: keep your brand’s social networks updated, both the profile information and the publications. To this, add a list of crucial or important hashtags for your brand. Behind are the endless lists of hashtags, use the right and appropriate ones, stop to see which ones interest you according to circumstances, and exploit them.
  • Interact with people through social media: As important as publishing is to encourage and create a dialogue with the people who follow you and always respond to them. Create posts thinking about generating discussion, ask questions or create polls in favor of generating conversation. Of course, always respond to the comments or messages they send you, even if they are harmful; Unanswered comments cause a lousy perception in general and abandonment or irresponsibility in the person who has written it.
  • Be regular publishing content both on your website and on the blog or the resources you use apart from social networks: More than once, we have said that content and its dissemination are the essential tools of SEO. These contents must be attractive so that people stop to read them and their own or unique so that Google uses them to position the brand.
  • Create audiovisual content: We often say that video is the king of content. We all consume videos and prefer them to a photograph. We have at our disposal several tools and resources to record and edit audiovisual content. Platforms like YouTube offer us new functionalities to create very professional-looking videos. Even so, they don’t need to be professional videos, and they must be exciting and capable of being shared.
  • Make that content known: If it is not seen, it does not exist. This very introductory phrase is applicable to brand communication. If we invest time creating our own and exciting content and editing videos, we have to make it known. Not because it is published, it will be consumed by people, and we must use speakers such as social media, newsletters, and other publications in the sector. So that people know what you have prepared for them.
  • Apply to remarket: Another technique that we have talked about on many occasions and that we should not forget is capturing those who have already taken an interest in us. Generating brand awareness, like love, takes time. Contact after contact builds trust. Re-contacting those who showed interest in us is an accurate shot. It helps to start a relationship and close sales.
  • Implement guest blogging and co branding: Seek collaboration with other compatible blogs on the subject. Write for them. Invite them to write yours. It is an excellent way to attract more people or retain current ones. You can do the same by establishing collaborations with other brands (co branding) by creating actions limited in time with another brand to enter new markets and make yourself known to another audience by the hand of someone compatible.
  • Develop freemium plans: who has not subscribed to a website, newsletter, or blog to receive free information? We have all done it. It is about those free subscriptions that give us knowledge of interest in exchange for our data. Selflessly providing information or entertainment is an excellent way to increase brand awareness.

Here we leave you eight inbound marketing techniques to increase brand awareness, and they are not invasive techniques. They are based on contributing and sharing. Choose those that best suit your activity and the audience you are targeting.

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