How To Organize A Mass SMS Campaign

How To Organize A Mass SMS Campaign

Today, most people have a mobile phone. Therefore, one of the main strategies is the creation of mass SMS (SMS marketing) to send to users. It consists of sending messages to clients using a database that has previously accepted their reception. Thanks to the straightforward, direct, and personalized nature of the SMS platform, this strategy has an excellent efficiency and conversion rate.

Why Include Sending Mass SMS In Your Marketing Strategy

Including the sending of mass messages are one of the channels with the highest opening rate (up to 98%) and promote customer loyalty, increased sales, and improved brand image. In addition, it has other advantages:

  • Speed. The time between a client receiving the SMS and reading it is usually around 1.30 minutes on average.
  • Profitability. Due to the high rate of opening and speed of reading, it is profitable since it causes more impact than just applying channels with a lower result.
  • Relevance. The saturation of emails or social networks makes SMS more successful in a marketing campaign by being less saturated.
  • Universal. It is compatible with any smartphone without installing software or a mobile app.

Create An SMS Marketing Campaign From Scratch

Due to the importance of mass SMS, it is convenient to know how to use them correctly. The steps to build a successful SMS campaign:

  • Define the objectives. It is essential to know what reaction we are looking for from the client, whether making a subscription, sale, or form. That will make the campaign efficient.
  • Software. We can discover tools on the web that allow us to send massive SMS, and you have to find the one that best suits the company’s needs.
  • Database. You need to have a solid database to send messages to customers. You have to generate campaigns to collect data and count on them in future strategies to build it.
  • Audience segmentation. The majority of the population uses mobile phones, covering a wide range of ages. Therefore, it is crucial to group customers since not all users are interested in the exact offers.
  • Spam. The percentage of spam in SMS is 1%, deficient. But to avoid it, it is advisable to assess the client’s interest.

Organize A Mass SMS Campaign

The first thing to organize a good campaign is to have a database, so it must be up to date, have the consent of the recipients to avoid problems, and be well-segmented to send a message according to age.


It is convenient to have a good segmentation of contacts to achieve better results. Similarly, it allows you to send more precise messages, send promotions to interested customers, etc.

The Importance Of Copy

You have to be clear about what you want to transmit and who you want to reach. For this reason, it is convenient to create a good copy, which can be achieved through tools on the internet, by resorting to a professional copywriter, or by taking as reference SMS that we have received as consumers.

The Link

It is another important element. It must include a hyperlink that will lead to the destination page, and it must be attractive but not too long so as not to waste characters (if it is long, the link will have to be shortened).

The Landing Web

It is a page designed and adapted to mobile phones where all the necessary information must be included. You have to configure the website to make it attractive and with helpful, dynamic, and mobile-friendly information.

Results Analytics

Once the campaign is created, you have to measure the success it will have, and we can do it with analytics. You can make statistics of the clicks made by the user and collect information such as language, location, type of device, etc. Likewise, user behavior or visits to the website can be analyzed.

Multichannel Campaign

If you already have a marketing strategy with valuable tools such as email marketing, social networks, etc. Bulk SMS can be added as another method to reach customers. Organizing a massive SMS campaign has many advantages. Still, for it to be successful, it must have a series of essential elements such as a good database, a message that reaches people, and perform correct segmentation, among others. Thanks to its opening rate, it is undoubtedly one of the best tools in marketing.

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