How To Strengthen Collaboration Thanks To New Digital Platforms

How To Strengthen Collaboration Thanks To New Digital Platforms

Objective Promote Collaborative Work

A project portfolio management tool is used first and foremost to simplify the monitoring of the progress of your projects, your human, financial and material resources, and your deadlines. But the coordination of tasks is not the only or the most important factor in the success of a GPP or PPM tool. Its real value lies in its ability to favor collaborative work, that is to say, to improve the quality of communication and cooperation between the various stakeholders in a project and to promote the emergence of innovative ideas within teams.

The Collaborative Platform It’s Advantages

Implementing a collaborative platform to bring together employees around joint projects undoubtedly brings many advantages:

  • Accessibility: Available in the cloud, users of a project portfolio management tool can enjoy the benefits of its mobility.
  • Adaptability: A collaborative platform offers the opportunity to the actors of a project to better adapt to the many changes that occur during the project.
  • Communication: The advantage of the centralization of work tools provided by a collaborative platform helps to facilitate dialogue between all employees.
  • Meeting efficiency: Digital spaces ensure that meetings turn into decision-making spaces with direct access to all relevant information.
  • Innovation: The inclusive nature of a digital space often leads to the expression of ideas and original solutions capable of guiding projects differently and beneficially. Remember that innovation is crucial in sectors such as industry.
  • Sharing expertise: In addition to facilitating the sharing of documents and information, a project management tool allows team members to share and enhance their skills and experience to develop talent in the field.
  • Grouping work tools: One version of software on one workstation, another version on another workstation, the scattering of work tools can quickly become a real headache. Using a collaborative platform brings all the tools together in one place to avoid clutter and thus increase productivity.
  • Transparency: These centralized tools make the digital project management platform even more efficient by offering direct access to all the data and an almost perfect view of the projects in progress. This makes it possible to move transparency in business from myth to reality.
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Setting Up A Digital Space The Four Basic Principles

Before abandoning traditional working methods and orienting yourself towards the use of a digital platform, it is important to consider these four basic principles.

  • As a first step, business leaders must demonstrate, with confidence and aplomb, the benefits that their employees can derive from PPM tools.
  • Then, after implementing the new tools, training must be provided without delay so that the teams learn to use them properly and derive the expected benefits.
  • Business managers must also set an example by getting fully involved and willingly using the GPP tools put in place to motivate their teams.
  • Finally, you should know that integrating any new working method in a professional environment requires patience and perseverance for perfect appropriation by the different actors. The integration of a collaborative space is no exception to this principle.


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