How To Succeed In Your B2B Digital Transformation

How To Succeed In Your B2B Digital Transformation

The health crisis has imposed many challenges on B2B companies, and they had to rethink the buying process and their sales channels thanks to innovative solutions. In this white paper, A digital experience platform for professionals, discusses the impact of technological transformations and their benefits in B2B. Through three main chapters, it provides an overview of the main processes and elements to consider during its digital transformation.

Improve Your Commercial Relationships And Sales Methods

The advent of digital has dramatically changed consumer buying behavior. Before purchasing a product, it is not uncommon for them to roam the web to read reviews and learn about the brand. Ibex’s ebook reveals that shoppers perform an average of twelve searches before interacting with a business.

These changes force companies to review their B2B commercial approach: it is no longer necessarily going directly to offer its offer to consumers but guiding them throughout their customer journey. This gives them a certain autonomy: a study by Gartner explains that buyers have already completed half of their buying journey before making the first contact. This new way of buying involves changing business-to-business relationships. By downloading this whitepaper, you will discover that for B2B sales, the new normal is to include D2C, B2C and B2B2C.

Improve The Customer Experience

Similar to B2C, companies need to provide their customers with optimal experiences. If they experience delayed or chaotic delivery, their entire supply chain planning is disrupted. Solutions such as real-time monitoring should be implemented to prevent delays and maintain control of the situation in all circumstances. This allows, among other things, to protect your company’s reputation, even in the event of a problem.

The proposed experience must also be fluid. For this, it is necessary to reduce the stages of the purchase journey, especially at the time of payment. Experts reveals that one in four buyers want a more straightforward and faster payment procedure in this white paper. They are also looking for more accessible repeat orders and better online tracking. For this reason, the customer experience must be at the heart of the decisions and the new processes put in place.

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Focus On Innovation

Therefore, for a B2B company, it seems essential to innovate and experiment with new action plans and business models to prosper. This involves using innovative tools, such as a digital experience platform (DXP). It makes it possible to support all facets of the customer experience via different digital channels. However, not all DXPs have the same approaches. The platform, for example, allows professionals to simplify B2B purchasing journeys by offering self-service management systems. By downloading this white paper, you will discover all the features of its solution.


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