How Video games Can Be Good for your Brain and Body

How Video games Can Be Good for your Brain and Body

A recent survey found that nearly three-quarters (73%) agree that playing video games makes them smarter in some ways and 44% believe they will live longer. These findings were published in 2018 by Pew Research Center.

Video games can be a great pass time just like wagering on nascar odds and both are geared towards keeping your brain active. 

Brain training is a popular way to keep your mind sharp as you grow. This type of training involves using computer-based games to target specific areas of learning and focus. 

So, what role do video games play in your mind and body?

Video Games Can Improve Your Brain Power

You’ll be able to train your brain to be more flexible and better at focusing, multi-tasking, and decision making. This is because video games are designed to test players’ ability to learn new things and adapt their thinking as the game progresses.

Playing video games will also make you smarter and improve your memory by forcing you to commit information to long-term memory. This is more stable than short-term memory. In other words, while you’re playing a video game, there’s no way around memorizing what needs to be memorized. You have to retain information!

You might even become more creative as well, in the process of problem-solving in a virtual world. This gives players an outlet for their creativity and problem-solving skills without feeling as though they are being judged or ridiculed for their ideas.

Your brains aren’t necessarily meant for this kind of activity. But playing video games often requires you to use parts of your brain that you don’t use regularly. It doesn’t hurt, right?

Video Games Can Boost Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

Games can be downright fun. But there’s a lot more than just an entertaining diversion. Video games can help your  brain, body, and general well-being in some surprising ways:

  • Games can encourage out-of-the-box thinking. 
  • Video games also allow players to experiment with different solutions before settling on one approach. 
  • Players can learn how their actions have consequences and the best way to solve problems. 

Playing games requires you to think abstractly to take what you know about the world, and consider what might happen if you take that knowledge further. You then need to act within those imagined scenarios. This critical thought helps you solve problems in real life by allowing you to explore possibilities before they occur.

Video games enhance your ability to plan, being able to anticipate potential challenges. This allows you time for preparation instead of panicking at the last moment when something goes wrong!

Video Games Help Improve Hand-Eye Coordination and Reaction Time

The ability to react quickly is vital in the business world. Hand-eye coordination is also important, and video games help you improve that skill as well.

When you play a video game, your brain must process a lot of information at once. You need to see where the enemies are coming from, how they move, and how they attack you. You have to remember what weapons work best against them.

In most of these games, you’ll need fast reactions because your character needs to run away from danger after spotting it. This customizes your mind and body to react quickly while there’s danger, which can save you a lot of time.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Playing video games can be good for your brain and body. The act of playing them is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. According to the American Psychological Association, playing video games can help ease anxiety and stress as well.

When it comes to reducing stress through playing games, the best thing you can do is choose a game that is fun and exciting, something that you’ll enjoy as much as possible. This may mean finding a type of game that fits your personality and interests.

It also helps if these activities involve interacting with other people. For example by playing competitively against others online. Playing this kind of game will make them feel less like work and more like playtime full of fun.

Bottom Line

Some people who play video games say they feel like they’re exercising their brain the same way they would their muscles by going to a gym. Video games can be beneficial to your brain and body in so many ways.

However, playing video games can have either positive or negative effects on your brain or your general well-being. It’s upon you to choose which game works to your benefit because each game activates a particular part of the brain and skill set.

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