Is Influencer Marketing Worth It?

Is Influencer Marketing Worth It?

The influence of influencers on purchasing decisions is rising to a new record high. Within twelve months, 24 percent of onliners have bought products or used services advertised by a YouTuber.

In the previous year’s edition of the study series, the rate was still 21 percent. YouTubers remain the influencers with the most excellent sales-promoting effect – but Instagrammers, bloggers, and other social media celebrities are also expanding their influence on consumers.

Nineteen percent of those surveyed for the study said they were encouraged to buy products or services by influencers on Instagram. This is one percentage point more than in the previous survey.

Bloggers increased their influence on purchasing decisions by two percentage points to 18 percent.

Social media celebrities on other channels increased by three percentage points to 20 percent.

Suppose one also includes purchases made more than a year ago. In that case, the influencers have an even more substantial influence: YouTubers have already motivated 27 percent of online users aged 16 and over to make at least one purchase decision, Instagrammers 22 percent, bloggers 21 percent, and other social media Celebrities together 25 percent.

Generation Z, In Particular, Can Be Influenced.

The influence of influencers on consumption tends to be firmer the younger their audience is. Fifty-two percent of Internet users from Generation Z (16-25 years) have already been enticed into purchasing decisions by YouTubers, 49 percent by Instagrammers, 38 percent by bloggers, and 47 percent by influencers on other social media channels.

Among millennials, the rates are already four to six percentage points lower – with one exception: 39 percent of those surveyed aged 26 to 40 said they had already followed purchase recommendations from bloggers. Beyond the age of 40, however, the influence of influencers drops to eight to twelve percent of online users.

The Effectiveness Of Influencer Cooperation Depends On The Target Group.

“On the one hand, the figures show that influencers in social media are becoming increasingly important in sales-promoting communication,” says social media experts. “On the other hand, their influence also depends heavily on the age of the target group: when it comes to addressing consumers over the age of 40, cooperation with influencers is still not very promising.”


You can personally think about what you want from influencers. It just works. Even though I’m a boomer, I’ve followed purchase recommendations from people on social media channels. And I’ve had good experiences with it.

The power that experts have on our purchasing decisions is enormous. And why shouldn’t marketing take advantage of this? The influencers must be clear and transparent in their communication to retain their credibility. Companies should therefore give the influencers the most excellent possible leeway and let them design the messages in such a way that they suit them and the audience.

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