Why Choose The Laravel Framework

Why Choose The Laravel Framework

Laravel is an open-source web framework written in PHP1 respecting the model-view-controller principle and entirely developed in object-oriented programming. 

Laravel is today a widely recognized and popular solution in the IT world for custom software development. “Laravel is the most powerful rival in the PHP ecosystem, simply because it includes the functionality needed to build modern web applications.”

Safety And Performance

One of the most important benefits of choosing Laravel for your web application development is its capabilities to provide high-level security. If you choose Laravel, your web application presents no risk of unintentional and hidden SQL injections.

Also, Laravel can provide excellent performance of web applications. From time to time, certain features and functions affect the performance of the site. But Laravel offers various tools that help developers improve their performance.

Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks because it has object-oriented libraries and others pre-installed, which are not found in any other PHP framework. One of the pre-installed libraries is the authentication library. These libraries are packed with great features that are easy to use and implement for every developer.

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Documentation And Community

Laravel has a powerful community of developers who continuously provide support to make it more flexible and scalable. So, if you want to provide complex functionalities, a lot of documentation is at your disposal.

Unit Tests

With Laravel unit tests, each module of your web application is tested before the site goes live. These tests ensure a performing, bug-free, and ultimately hassle-free application for your end-users. This is another exception of the Laravel framework.


Laravel provides a built-in command-line tool called Artisan. This tool helps to create a “skeleton” code and database architecture, as well as their migrations. Managing the database becomes easier. The Craftsman Tool allows you to perform almost any repetitive and tedious programming task.

Support For MVC Architecture

If you search on google you will find that Laravel follows a Model-View-Controller architecture. And this is what makes Laravel a “great” framework to use for the development of your web applications. It improves performance, provides clarity, and allows for better documentation.

URL Generation

Laravel also helps generate URLs, which is very useful for building links in your models. When a user clicks or types a link, they want to see the desired content, such as an article, a product description, etc. Which is not possible without the help of URL routing. The Laravel framework provides a very simple route description strategy by simply accepting a URI and a closure.

Integration With Messaging Services

Another benefit provided by Laravel is the integration of the messaging service. It is used to send notifications to users to inform them of different events that occur. It also provides drivers for Mailgun, SMTP, Mandrill, SparkPost, PHP’s mail function, and Amazon SES, which allow an application to start quickly.

Multilingual Application Creator

So this is the right option for companies looking to expand across different countries with different languages. The Laravel framework, therefore, helps you to easily and quickly create your web application in different languages.

Laracasts Tutorials

Laravel offers features from Laracasts, a mix of free and paid video tutorials that show you how to use Laravel for development. The videos are all created by Jeffery Way, an expert instructor. The video quality is excellent and the lessons are well thought out and useful.

To conclude, we cannot confirm that Laravel is the best framework because everything Laravel does (and we just saw) other frameworks do too. Only the way of doing things remains different. 

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