How To Optimize Your Customer Relationship

How To Optimize Your Customer Relationship

To better manage its customer relationship, good practices exist. A set of key success factors allows users to be engaged as effectively as possible with the aim of improving their economic efficiency.

Customer Engagement, A Determining Factor

For any publisher in SaaS mode, enablement  (engagement) is a key success factor. However, to be an able condition for the quantification properly and follow all milestones to accompany permanently. The central idea is to create a virtuous circle so that each user gets the best possible ROI from a service.

Therefore, identifiable metrics such as the rate of churn or retention rates are used to quantify and optimize activity. Retention makes it possible to partially anticipate withdrawal movements and to plan countermeasures to retain users. The churn or loss of customers and incidentally of income over a given period can, on the contrary, significantly impact income. 

Thus, a customer must be able to know the solution he is using so that he adopts new functionalities (upselling). He will also be in a better position to renew his trust in his publisher and his subscription. Conversely, poor knowledge of the solution risks generating greater demands on support and will generate additional costs.

Training, A Crucial Issue

Once the phase of growth and strong customer acquisition is over, management’s attention can shift towards user retention. In this context, the need to train all professionals is a crucial issue. Especially when it comes to UX and the ease of use of the tools.

To facilitate the user experience, pedagogy can play a big role. Trainers can take refresher courses to provide training on the latest tools in use. Other mechanisms can also be put in place, such as the impossibility of a customer who does not train to benefit from priority access to support. This makes it possible to limit access to technical resources and to promote potential more committed customers.

Several good practices, therefore, allow each publisher to position itself utilizing variables such as the anticipation of the churn, the net promoter score, etc. 

However, the close relationship with its customers remains a real daily gamble, the fruits of which can only be gathered by adding a dose of reciprocal win-win social relations.

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