What Is LaTeX And How To Use It Easily

What Is LaTeX And How To Use It Easily

In this post, we are going to explain about LaTeX, a system for creating documents widely used in the scientific field. I would also like to recommend an itinerary so that you can get into its use simply.

What Is LaTeX

LaTeX, as I have outlined above, is a system that allows the creation of documents. However, its operation differs greatly from the text editor par excellence, Microsoft Word. This is because LaTeX works similarly to HTML, having a set of tags to format and software capable of rendering it.

What Advantages Does LaTeX Have

While it is true that its learning curve is quite steep, LaTeX has some important advantages:

  • Get documents that do not lose quality when enlarged.
  • Facilitates the introduction of formulas and the use of mathematical notation.
  • Separate the style from the content itself.
  • It allows dividing a project into different files, which are compiled to obtain the final result.
  • Handles bibliography well, by default.

As you can see, with the features highlighted above, LaTeX has become the de facto standard for scientific publications and works that contain mathematical symbology.

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Why Hasn’t LaTeX Reached The General Public

Surely you wonder, well if LaTeX is so good, why its use has not become popular. The answer to this question is simple, it is not easy to use and it usually gives enough problems to build tables, place images, etc. In the case of Word, the document content format is applied visually, using the different buttons that it makes available (bold, italic, color …). But in the case of LaTeX, all this has to be done using the corresponding tags, which implies knowing them and having to wait to generate the document, to see if the expected result has been achieved.

Guide To Use LaTeX & Not Die Trying

The first step you have to do if you want to use LaTeX is to install the compiler that will render those labels properly. 

Second, I recommend that you install the editor, which will greatly help you to write texts in LaTeX. This is because it has buttons to apply the most common styles, similar to Word.

Other tips are to use this page, to generate your tables and this forum to find out how to do what you want with LaTeX.

How To Create Your CV With LaTeX

A good LaTeX use case can be creating your CV. By doing it with LaTeX you will get a high-quality PDF file, which will not be distorted when varying in resolution or support, giving a professional appearance.

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