Marketing 2.0 – Concept, Advantages, Strategies, And More

Marketing 2.0 – Concept, Advantages, Strategies, And More

Our world has changed, and with it, the way of advertising and selling. We have gone from when we had to sell, demonstrating excellence, to the current times in which we are more interested in our customers. Marketing 2.0 is a concept focused on giving value to other elements without losing prominence to the sale. If you want to learn more about this advertising strategy and its effectiveness, we will explain it in detail below.

Marketing 2.0

Before explaining this concept, it is good to take the word of an expert in the area:

Marketing 2.0: it is focused on the consumer. This type of marketing strategy is composed to retain the client and achieve their loyalty, here they focus more on the emotions of the clients and their satisfaction with the product or service, creating a difference not only in your products or services but also in the experiences and emotions that the customer felt with the product or service itself, this type of marketing is in constant interaction with the customer.

This strategy cares about its client, and its objectives are focused on it. Therefore, customer service and user experience are the ideal complements to the product. From there, a method is created so that the client feels satisfied with the brand from the beginning and wishes to maintain his preference. This is the final point.

For this, a study of the consumer is carried out of his preferences and needs to elaborate a plan that provides solutions or answers to his expectations through the product or service. For this, the interaction between the brand and the customers must be constant.


If you are interested in knowing the type of marketing 2.0 strategy (concept) precisely, we present the main characteristics for easy identification:

  • Its goal is to satisfy customer needs.
  • It is bidirectional.
  • It is concerned with creating a relationship between the brand and the consumer.
  • Take into account customer ratings and opinions.
  • Seek that the client is an admirer of the brand.
  • Its means of diffusion are mainly in the digital environment.
  • The contents, texts, and designs are adapted to the demands of social networks and Internet search engines.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Even though marketing 2.0 (concept) was, at the time, what prompted many companies that achieved significant benefits, it also represented an obstacle for brands needing to be in step with the digital world. At this point, it is essential to highlight that this type of marketing arose thanks to the Internet. The development of social networks and platforms that have become the best tools for advertising a product or service began. Hence the need to have a website and active social networks to maintain real interaction with users.

Next, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of marketing 2.0:


  • Lower cost in advertising investment.
  • Reach a more significant number of potential customers.
  • Use of tools to measure strategies and campaigns on the Internet.
  • Active feedback.
  • Easy distribution of information and products.


  • With perseverance, the strategies and investments will be successful. Therefore, it is a permanent job to publish on the networks.
  • If not explained correctly, the information can be misinterpreted by users and cause bad publicity for the brand.
  • Not all platforms and social networks work for all markets. This requires the study of the marketing department to determine which are functional and which are not.

How Did Marketing 1.0 Evolve Into Marketing 2.0?

When discussing marketing, we must focus on strategies to sell or advertise a product; its final objective is the same. Reviewing the concept, marketing 1.0 only focuses on the sale and the company’s objectives. At this time, industrialization dominated the market. All the brands produced and needed to market their products using advertising aimed at the general public. It was characterized as a very creative technique that highlighted the qualities of the product or service.

When the Internet appeared, millions of voices were raised, including consumers who gave their opinions on various topics. Hence, they are interested in companies being protagonists of these issues and gaining popularity through the Internet. This is how marketing 2.0 (concept) was born, also called digital marketing.


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