Metaverse The Future Of The Internet

Metaverse The Future Of The Internet

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook announced that it was renamed Meta, there are many doubts about this new term and what it contains. But what is the metaverse and why has it become a prime target for tech companies?

What Is The Metaverse?

This new technology buzzword is used to describe the concept of a future iteration of the Internet. The concept also exposes the possibility of introducing ourselves in the first person in this virtual world through virtual reality glasses and other accessories that will allow us to interact with it.

The truth is that the future of the metaverse is somewhat uncertain since it may offer us the next great evolutionary leap of the Internet or simply remain in an attempt that does not progress. It is still very early, but it is true that today, the most powerful technology companies in the market are part of a fierce struggle to dominate it. Facebook, for example, is beginning to create the necessary infrastructure and the first prototypes of VR glasses to introduce us to it.

What Can Be Done In The Metaverse

Although as we have already said, the development of the metaverse is still very uncertain, many companies are investing in several important points:

  • VIDEO GAMES: Although online and multiplayer video games already exist to explore virtual worlds, in the metaverse, they will be immersive and interconnected.
  • COMPANY: Companies will be able to organize virtual meetings or combine them with the real world, work collaboratively and even set up businesses.
  • SHOPPING: People will be able to interact with brands to buy virtual objects, but also products for the real world.
  • SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS: By having personalized avatars and with the ability to reproduce our expressions and gestures, users will be able to interact with others and socialize.
  • LEISURE: In this virtual world you can attend concerts, shows and group meetings in an immersive way, as we do in the real world.

We still have a lot to look forward to from the metaverse and for the next few years it will be the most talked about topic in the media and in the world of technology. So, don’t be scared, take it easy and only the future will give us more clarity on this issue.

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