Digital Services That Improve The Security Of Your Company

Digital Services That Improve The Security Of Your Company

The protection of people, property and assets are key aspects for the continuity of any business that can benefit from technological advances. For this reason, at Securitas, we believe that Security for companies must continue to evolve and apply the most cutting-edge technologies. Digital Services are supported by cutting-edge technologies identified by the Innovation department and reinforce security solutions. These are the 6 main innovations and trends that support these services:

Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT or the “internet of things” basically refers to the interconnection and sensorization of different objects. The IoT offers a wide variety of applications that integrate with the rest of the security systems and surveillance services. It is applied in three essential services :

  • Indoor Positioning System (IPS): This allows the positioning of assets or people indoors and enables services such as access control without physical barriers.
  • Track and Trace: This service monitors and improves the protection of workers under challenging conditions (Isolated Man) and the transport of goods where it allows for protecting and managing entire fleets of vehicles.
  • Services based on  IoT sensors: The sensors can measure values ​​such as temperature or humidity, allow automatic or remote action and offer analytical information.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine learning and deep learning capabilities can also improve the Security of companies. This technology is applied above all in video surveillance systems and allows, for example, to identify abnormal patterns through image and sound analysis.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automating repetitive tasks is not exclusive to the industrial sector (for example, in an assembly line); Managing large volumes of information is also a repetitive task that consumes time and human resources. At Securitas, we improve the efficiency of our internal processes and our services thanks to the incorporation of robots and programs that help ingest, process and produce results from data.

Data analysis

Data analysis and measurement through KPIs is a fundamental value for the Security of companies. The guards, security systems or sensors collect useful, representative and objective information that, combined with other relevant sources inside and outside the client, allows us to help you make optimal security decisions and even in other central aspects of your business.

Security In Digital Environments

Every company has an internet presence, so digital Security must be protected as vigorously as physical Security. But as in the real world, the risks of the digital world can often be challenging to anticipate.

Our Intelligence Services support decision-making by anticipating risks, threats and opportunities for the business. We analyze the information available on five key aspects of any organization: Security, reputation, digital footprint, digital risk and competitive or strategic intelligence. Securitas also emphasizes the digital protection of the networks themselves that support the electronic security subsystems and the OT networks.

Apps And Tools

Finally, advanced software solutions make it easier for companies to manage Security. These are some of the tools we have:

  • Management of visits and reservations of Securitas (VISEC) allows you to manage reservations for visits and events through a pre-registration system.
  • Collaborative Security: based on a mobile application, it facilitates communication, recording, and monitoring of incidents.
  • Video Stream: Capture and stream real-time video, audio, and photos for mobile workers.
  • Time Management: time control service with the delivery of detailed and informed reports.
  • Coordination of Business Activities (CAE): allows companies to manage and control the work carried out by third parties following regulations.
  • Simultaneous translation: a virtual translation assistant for fluid and natural communication.
  • Smart Post: a complete solution for managing parcels, mail and bags for companies within corporate buildings.
  • Smart Key: custody control and management of keys and assets with sleek cabinets.
  • Marketing Analytics: an advanced solution for measuring customer behavior in a physical space (heat maps, busiest times.).

In short, the application of technological innovation represents a revolution in Security for companies. 


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