Can Devices Slow Down Your Internet Speed?

Can Devices Slow Down Your Internet Speed?

Everything seems to be connected by the internet in one way or another nowadays. Want to order your favorite food, book an Uber, buy clothes, shoes, or watches, read an e-book, stream a TV show, play a game with your friends, and whatnot all you need is a steady internet connection. People rely on well-reputed providers like CenturyLink, for instance, to enjoy a steady and fast-speed internet connection since the emergence of various online streaming platforms has caused a paradigm shift.

More and more viewers find the idea of being able to watch their favorite content anywhere, anytime they want, quite fascinating and seem to jump to the streaming bandwagon. So with a significant amount of internet users subscribing to any of their favorite streaming platforms thus further adding to the popularity and demand of fast internet connectivity.

Almost every device we use these days is internet compatible. Smartphones, watches, home appliances, tablets, security cameras, and almost every other device now uses the internet. All this also results in congestion at times. Imagine everyone in the house using an internet-compatible device at the same time. The internet connection might undergo congestion and consequently slow down. Every device using your internet connection reduces the bandwidth since they are consuming data.

Ever wondered if your internet-compatible devices affect your internet speed and how much? Well, here are the answers you might be looking for. Keep reading to find out all about it:

Number of Connected Devices

We all have heard of the term internet of things and it has become quite popular over the past few years. It is used for all the devices among your home appliances that make use of the internet connection to exchange data. Be it a doorbell, thermostat, AC, etc. Each of the internet-enabled devices uses your internet connection wired or wireless, consuming a lot of bandwidth. Therefore, you can expect your internet speeds to slow down when everyone is streaming online, on any of the devices at the same time. So the greater the number of devices, the greater the bandwidth consumption and the slower your internet may get.

Age of Device

Older devices present on your internet network are likely to slow it down. Even if you are using a new router or modem, an old laptop or mobile, for instance, can make you experience slower internet speeds. This is why it is highly recommended to always upgrade your hardware and remove any old devices from the Wi-Fi network.

Wired vs Wireless connection

A wired connection does beat a wireless connection in terms of speeds. Therefore, you can use Ethernet cable wherever possible to enjoy faster speeds. Wired internet can be used with smart TVs, smart speakers, gaming consoles, etc. More often, you will see a considerable difference in internet speeds as compared to the wireless network that might be congested.

Outdated Routers

Older routers will slow down the internet connection. Even if you have subscribed to a high-speed internet plan, but have an outdated router, then you will not be able to experience better speeds. If your router is 3 to 4 years old, it might be about time to think of getting a new one. You can consider mesh Wi-Fi routers that can scale up your bandwidth speeds and provide excellent coverage throughout the house.


Viruses, spyware, or malware can drastically slow down your internet speeds. They can be downloaded along with any other files over your system and use bandwidth without your knowledge. It is always important to install anti-virus programs and run security checks periodically to keep any malware away from your network. Moreover, never open any unauthorized emails and avoid clicking on any random ads or pop-ups as they usually carry malware or viruses.

Speed Tests

To be well aware of the internet speeds you are experiencing, it is recommended that you run speed tests on your network. Especially when you feel that the internet speeds are reduced, it is better to check both your wired and wireless networks by running a speed test.

This will help you get a clear insight into the actual internet speed of your network. If drastically slow, you can look into the aforementioned reasons as the cause and fix it. If nothing seems to improve the speed, you can always contact your internet service provider and report the problem.

Wrapping Up,

All devices in your home share the bandwidth and can cause a slowdown in the overall network speeds. Therefore, it is better to switch off any devices that you are not using so it does not hog the Wi-Fi network. Conducting periodic speed tests of your wired and wireless network also helps keep a track of the current internet speeds you are experiencing.


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