What Are Mobile Marketing Campaigns

What Are Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile phones have evolved to the purpose of becoming a crucial part of our daily lives. They provide us with the likelihood of communicating through online platforms that offer multiple alternatives to satisfy our needs soon.

This technology represents a chance for companies to succeed in the perfect consumers and sell their products; for this reason, brands have identified the potential of mobile marketing campaigns in several digital media.

The 68.9% of recipients opened emails containing advertising, from their smart devices, two or three days every week. On the opposite hand, most of the people that access an area business through their telephone, call to request additional information or visit it directly within the next 24 hours.

This demonstrates the usefulness of designing a group of actions and applying marketing techniques focused on mobile devices to draw in customers.

What Options Do Companies Have

There are different types of mobile marketing campaigns which will be carried out:

  • Applications: It consists of making a simple strategy and disseminating it by different means so that users download brand applications. The thought is to market the perception of innovation, increase sales in this way, get new customers, or retain regular consumers.
  • Vertical video: Both mobile phones and tablets contain settings to navigate on the vertical screen. Videos set during this position work best because they’re easy to look at. Marketing experts agree on the advantage of making audiovisual content which will adapt to the present particular condition.
  • Email: Offers advertisers an efficient technique to realize the most straightforward return on investment. Marketing emails should have an ingenious and responsive design to suit specific mobile dimensions.
  • Social Ads: Companies have an interest in advertising through social networks because it’s very easy to segment. The algorithms help to target the target that matches the advertiser’s criteria precisely.
  • Local: The keywords geolocalized are effective to send information and particular promotions. SMEs cash in on this resource to position themselves in certain areas.

Find Out More About This Trend

21.5 million people between the ages of 16 and 65 use mobile phones(94%), most of the smartphones. It’s a crucial figure. It’s no coincidence that there’s such a lot of interest in publishing commercial content exclusively adapted to those sorts of devices.

Brands have had to rethink their online marketing strategies to be ready to adapt to the mobile format and still generate consumer interest. They understand that it’s superb thanks to obtaining leads to the ultimate conversion, not only in their virtual stores but also in their physical establishments.

Mobile technology has transformed consumer habits. It’s a reality that companies must assume and study to more clearly identify the aim of their action plans aimed toward mobile marketing.


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