Tips For Networking On Social Networks

Tips For Networking On Social Networks

The transformation digital not only has changed the way companies operate, but also the path that talent takes to reach these. The networking is now the concept that handles both organizations and professionals to discuss the job search in the digital realm. The technique that carries its peculiarities. And, unlike traditional job boards, success on the Internet depends on the ability to manage certain skills in terms of image and communication.

What Exactly Is Networking

The simple search for applicants has been replaced by the creation of a network of contacts with similar interests.

The networking focuses precisely on the identification and consolidation of contacts with the same employment status, which can serve as a backup when finding job opportunities.

The Cambridge dictionary presents a series of definitions that can help to understand this new vision of the field of Human Resources :

  • The activity of meeting people who could be helpful, especially at work.
  • The process of meeting and talking to lots of people, specifically to get information that can help you.

In parallel, the concept also refers to computational ecosystems made up of various teams. It is the same meaning but applied to the technological world.

Nowadays it is no longer enough to have a good company and a good presentation speech; You also need to have a good relationship to achieve your goals, he adds.

In fact, according to a LinkedIn study, 85% of the most technical hires closed between 2015 and 2016 were the result of a good networking strategy.

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What Does Networking Offer

Today there are still employment platforms that allow you to stick to the more traditional one-way method. However, networking goes far beyond the simple idea of job hunting.

Companies and professionals that already have businesses turn to this technique to open new business avenues or to establish future relationships with competitors and allies.

It will depend on whether it occurs at a fair, on social networks, or in any other physical-virtual meeting. But the advantages of networking can be summarized as:

  • Sell and promote services or products with the highest probability of success.
  • Obtain direct and reliable feedback from specialists in specific sectors.
  • Create and nurture B2B relationships.
  • Establish possible synergies and agreements with other companies and professionals.
  • Obtain financing.
  • Cultivate and enhance personal or business image.

Social Networking Tips

In the last decade, social networks have become a daily path for millions of people, and companies have not been slow to stop there to look for talent.

However, although the operation of Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn is simple, when it comes to networking factors often ignored by candidates come into play.

Outside of social networks, organizations look for trusted sources that allow reading between descriptions and formalities. That is, “really knowing the candidate. “

In many cases, the original position is adapted to the skills of the talent, but it is still important to ensure that the personal image is consistent both inside and outside the digital world.

In networking, more is not synonymous with better. It is not so important to have many contacts, as it is to have the most valuable ones.

Therefore, when operating in an environment such as LinkedIn, you have to be clear about the objective you want to achieve, and based on that, set contact criteria.

In this sense, experts recommend giving priority to other users who have the same job rank, or similar job search interests. They are the ones who will be more likely to recommend you and offer you opportunities if they get to know them.

It is complicated in the digital environment, but the candidate must always try to prove his skills for the job to which he applies, and not reduce his talent to the completion of a simple test.

Most of the mistakes that Human Resources departments make are due precisely to this; the excessive bureaucratization and automation of the process.

The networking is not gambling a few hours or a few days a week. To achieve what you want, it is important to maintain continuous communication with the network of contacts.

So it is key to spend a couple of hours a day looking for users, showing interest, or generating adapted content that may be interesting to your network.

None of this ensures success, but it does increase the chances that your claims will fit the needs of an organization or professional.

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