Opportunity And Risks With Big Data In Companies

Opportunity And Risks With Big Data In Companies

Companies with Big Data can create a value proposition for entirely new customers based on the data collected. In addition, the information they collect from the different contact points with customers and users allows them to monitor and collate every aspect of their commercial products and services. Therefore, using and understanding big data is a crucial competitive advantage that translates into a host of new growth opportunities.

Some come from expanding internal knowledge, others from direct interactions with customers. Although companies with Big Data do not struggle with having access to all this information in any of the cases, they also need to implement some data management strategy. For example, cleaning, profiling, and normalizing data lead to better business intelligence. Without these types of actions, visibility is significantly reduced, and the analysis may not be as reliable as it is based on duplicate, incomplete or inconsistent data.

How Can Big Data Add Value To Companies?

There are several ways in which knowledge helps the business. First, companies with Big Data see it promoted and, with this, they benefit from advantages such as:

  • Make Better Decisions: They gain in precision because the risk of error decreases when relying on objective data.
  • Understand Your Customers: When the vision is not biased or divided into silos, a global perspective facilitates this understanding.
  • Provide More Brilliant Services or Products: That is achieved by optimizing internal processes and, at the same time, incorporating the feedback that comes from the different points of contact abroad.
  • Improved Operations: The updating of information, the depth of knowledge, and the centralization of data favor efficiency within each area and interdepartmental alignment.
  • Generate Income: Companies with Big Data find the basis for innovation in data. Then, based on it and incorporating the latest advances in some cases, they develop innovative products and services.
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What Are The Risks That Affect Companies With Big Data?

The benefits of using big data have to do with improved operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, driving innovation, and maximizing profits. But companies with Big Data are exposed to risks that do not affect others. Some of them have to do with:

  • Lack of organization of data 7 and a data management strategy.
  • Data storage-related problems.
  • Challenges derived from the analysis.
  • Data privacy and regulatory compliance issues.

In the future, we will see that more and more data sources are incorporated into processes. At the same time, it is noticeable that the capacity of IT equipment continues to increase, so it is to be expected that companies and other entities will depend on a broader source of data in the future. Today, artificial intelligence can extract data from sources previously unavailable to computers, making the ability to collect and process data on a large scale available to more companies. 

Tomorrow there will be more companies with Big Data, taking advantage of more data sources and accessing new opportunities. This also leads us to think that big data careers are another exciting trend to watch out for. Does your organization invest in training and development programs to equip the team with sufficient digital skills.


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