Pros And Cons Of Online Business Software

Pros And Cons Of Online Business Software

The explosion of Cloud offers since 2010 is transforming the IT landscape. Yet is online software cheaper, less complicated, and more secure? Uses have been revolutionized with the arrival of mobile devices and the democratization of high-speed Internet, which has allowed “white-collar workers” to travel while increasing their productivity. According to this same study, we will have 2 billion to access our work tools via the Internet in 2025. The race is also on the side of software publishers in SaaS mode, whose revenues will exceed 100 billion dollars this year. global scale. If uses and technologies take precedence over Full-Web, this poses several questions in terms of data security, expenses, but also internal organization. We will answer them here. Also, find all our other articles on IT services issues.

Online Software Cheaper And More Flexible

Online software – known as SaaS, for Software as a Service – is consumed on-demand through a subscription per user per month. However, with an Internet connection, they offer an average availability of 99.8% of the time. This is more than software to install, which suffers from bugs and downtime more regularly.

Finally, not all software is available in SaaS, such as video editing software that is very greedy in graphic resources. Installed software also sees the escape of unified communication and collaboration solutions, which take on their full meaning online. In summary, trust SaaS for all software except graphics work.

Security And Confidentiality The Real Challenge Of The Cloud

Recurring mass data hacking events as well as state surveillance undermine the credibility of SaaS. However, we must not mix security and data confidentiality. On the other hand, the lack of security of Cloud solutions is a myth for the vast majority of them for a simple reason: a company cannot secure its data as well as a cloud service provider who’s a job it is. fulltime. Also, loss or theft of data stored on USB drives or computers is deleted through secure Internet access.

Specific Development, The Black Beast Of SaaS

The customization of applications is a very important subject in this comparison between online and on-premise software. Many companies express this need because their business requires very suitable computer software.

SaaS is not subject to specific developments because all of a publisher’s clients share the same application. It is probably here that some users will turn to local installations. However, most SaaS is highly configurable (modification of fields and interfaces). However, there are cases where a client company asks the publisher to carry out a specific development. The request is generally accepted if the publisher believes that the functionality will be of interest to all of its customers.

Web applications work differently, and that is why specific developments are no longer relevant. APIs, a sort of open and secure door in a web application, allow SaaS to communicate data with each other. It is therefore possible to build an information system by combining several SaaS, without any specific development.

The Most Popular Online Software

Here are the most popular software categories in 2020

  • ERP
  • Project management
  • CRM
  • Customer Support
  • Time management
  • Pay
  • Marketing watch
  • Emailing
  • Quotes and invoicing
  • Accounting


Online software is a performance vector for companies, which adapt perfectly to the new constraints of users and companies. Replacing solutions that do not go through a web browser is inevitable except for a minority of companies that need customization or software requiring a lot of local resources.

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